He is mocking the pride of womanhood- – Netizens roast Bobrisky for claiming he’s experiencing period cramps

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Bobrisky has been buried under heaps of insults for claiming recently he experienced cramps and might be expecting his monthly menstruation in consonance with her crossdressing and occasional transgender cloak of identity he has taken upon himself.

The socialite and self-professed Barbie, who has always identified as a woman, posted on his Instagram page to express his regret about feeling pain during his regular monthly period.

While some people have shown sympathy for him, others have claimed that the crossdresser is ridiculing the pride of women.

He had previously claimed that he has been eating a lot of sugary things because of the agony he is suffering.

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His post did not impress his followers, causing some of them to put him on the blast for being fake;

a_ceejay wrote: “This guy mocks the pride of womanhood and some women see it as a joke.”

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fashion_magicblog wrote: ” This fake keeping up with female life that bob is doing he is really trying ,is it that he removes his nails when he get home everyday..this must be stressful on his path”

nnenna_blinks_ wrote: “Bobby there is a limit to this your bullshit. Period cramps isn’t something to make fun with”

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com


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