Health Tips: How To Get Rid Of Pot Belly Without Going To The Gym

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Are you among the hundreds of Ghanaians who want to get rid of their bulging bellies without necessarily going to the gym? Then worry no more, below are some easy tips to follow to help you gain your confidence back.

Having a huge belly fat makes you lose your confidence especially when you are wearing your favourite clothes. Aside losing your confidence, belly fats causes many health issues like diabetes, heart diseases, strokes and even cancer. I am sure you sick and tired of hearing people telling you to lose weight or go the gym. It becomes more annoying when your busy schedule doesn’t give you any room to make it to the gym and spend hours doing cardio.

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Please note that the tips below are NOT recommended for breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women or people with severe health conditions. It will be advisable to speak with your doctor before trying any of the tips below.

  1. Take warm water with lemon and ginger every morning :
  1. I know you have heard about this tip and probably tried it several times. The reason it probably didn’t work for you is that you were not consistent. But try it again and stay consistent for once week and you’ll be amazed at the results. when you get up in the morning, heat up some water, crush some fresh ginger into it, and squeeze some lemon into it and drink it while it’s warm and nice. This will keep you full and clear-headed for a few hours before you take your breakfast. Don’t go and take banku after taking this lemon juice in the morning because it won’t work.
  2. Green Tea and Mint :
  1. this drink has amazing oxidants that boosts your immune system. You can just take it to work and when you are feeling hungry, you can take a sip out of your mug. It is not a substitute to a healthy diet. You can eat your favourite food and use it as a refreshing drink.
  2. Use Coconut Oil;

Coconut oil contains fatty acids but still it that have a positive effect on your body. The fat in coconut oil is used by your body as an energy source. Coconut oil is also thermogenic, so it helps your body burn fat.
Do not add coconut oil to the oils that you already use. You should replace your cooking oils with coconut oil. The health benefits of using coconut oil are similar to that of olive oil. Soo all you need to do is just cook any food using coconut oil.

  1. Herbs boost your metabolism and help you burn belly fat. There is some amazing fat burning herbs out there. Three popular ones are ginseng, ginger, and mint. These herbs are all fat burners. You can consume these herbs in tea form.
    You can make a tea with some boiled water and mixing the herbs in them, letting it steep, and then straining them. You can add honey for a sweetener. It is best to drink tea before meals. You can boil the leaves of guava fruit, Lemon grass etc.

  1. All the above won’t work for you if you are not disciplined or consistent. You have to be consistent to see results. Also, avoid late nights eating. I know you have heard about that a million times. But the next time you are going to eat your favourite banku or fufu or Indomie noodles at 9pm, remember how you won’t fit in that favour shirt or that sexy dress and drop it. Go for a banana instead. It even helps with faster digestion.
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We are in no way condemning going to the gym. But if you are too busy to go to the gym but want to lose some belly fat, then the above tips can help you.




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