Health Titbit: 3 Things To Do If Fish Bone Enters Your Throat

The truth is, swallowing fishbone by mistake is not something exclusive to only children. It can happen to anyone, so I think the information in this article is for the benefit of every age.

Below are some of the Three (3) Things You Can do to Get Rid of a Fish Bone That Entered Your Throat:

  1. Cough: some fishbone that gets stuck in our throat can be dislodged through a powerful or rather forceful cough. If you notice that a bone is stuck in your throat, then you should consider coughing forcefully for some seconds to see whether the bone has been dislodged. If it doesn’t get dislodged, then you try other alternatives stated in this article.
  2. Banana: Banana is a very soft fruit that can aid your mission to get rid of the bone in your throat. They are smooth and eating bananas immediately can help smoothly push down the bone from your throat to your stomach.

Just don’t swallow heavy things, a banana would do to push it down safely and harmlessly.

  1. Drink Olive Oil: when I say drink Olive Oil, I don’t mean drink a full bottle of olive oil. It is a lubricant and as such, perfectly suitable for dislodging bones from anyone’s throat.

Just take two to three shots of olive oil and drink to lubricate your throat enough to aid the peaceful sliding of the bone into your stomach.



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