Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Have You Heard Of The New Dance Craze? It’s Called The ‘2 Minute Dance’ & It Was Invented By No Other Than Funny Face-Watch

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Funny Face is indeed an interesting and humorous comedian but unfortunately, his great sense of humour coudln’t save his marriage as according to him his wife, kept sleeping around with other men.

It’s being a year since he divorced his wife and walked out of the ‘useless and big buttocks inspired marriage’ and has indicated that he’s found the right woman for himself and would get married to her soon.

Months after his divorce with several Ghanaians waiting to hear his wife’s side of the story, she comes out to embarrass Funny Face by saying that, Funny Face couldn’t last in bed and he could only last for just 2 minutes each time they had se.x—Her reason for seeking for adventure outside the marriage.

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This revelation she made was somewhat funny, so the majority of Ghanaians trolled Funny Face on Social media for lasting for just 2 minutes in bed. Funny Face who was initially emotionally hurt by his wife’s comments took to Social media to counter her claims.

Months down the line, Funny Face has still not forgotten about the incident but has found a way to turn those negative comments into some positive by creating a dance around his wife’s ‘2 minutes’ comments.

Yes, so now we have the ‘2-minute dance’ and it appears Funny Face’s  thought of the dance when he heard of Captain Planet’s new banger ‘Obi Agye Obi Girl’ which translates as “Someone Has Snatched Another’s Lover’.

Yes, obi agye Funny Face girl!

So we first saw the dance when he posted a video on Instagram dancing to the song in his hall right after a shower, then we saw the second one in which, he dances with footballer Adebayor.

Watch both videos below and learn how to do the ‘2 minute dance’


You think you can beat Funny Face to his 2 minute Dance? Take the challenge

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