Heidi Klum prepared to have another baby: ‘I Waited a Long Time’

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America’s Got Talent host, Heidi Klum has revealed her intentions to have another baby after having four kids.

Heidi Klum was a guest on the Jennifer Hudson Show, released on February 1, and held a question and answer session with host Jennifer Hudson.

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Heidi Klum was asked if she wanted to have more children after her four kids, Klum said she was considering to have more children, meanwhile host Jennifer Hudson stated that she didn’t want more children, “no, I ain’t trying to have no more babies”.

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“It depends what day it is, sometimes I’m here, sometimes here, you know?” Klum said, referring to the different sides of the paddle she was holding.

Klum, 49, mimicked the expansion of her belly with her hands and said, “I mean it’s a lot. I’ve done it four times.”

“And I breastfed eight months each time and then I was pregnant again. Three times in a row. Again [my children are] 18, 17, 16 and then 13, so I was like…” she added, snapping her fingers multiple times, cited from People.

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“Now I waited a long time, so maybe ja,” she exclaimed, showing that side of the paddle to the audience, as Hudson exclaimed, “There we have it!”

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