Helen Smart Wikipedia And Age

Helen Smart has been confirmed dead hours ago but how much do you know about her during her days on Earth? In this write-up, we will discuss Helen Smart Wikipedia and age so you to know more about her. 

Helen Smart Wikipedia

Helen Smart was a Great Britain Olympic Swimmer. She is known widely by her maiden name Helen Don Duncan and became a name on the lips of everyone when she represented Great Britain at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. 

Helen Smart’s career was full of unforgettable moments and the most famous one was when she fought hard and won bronze at the Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games in 1998.

She was the 200 metres British backstroke champion back in the late 1990s. However, Helen Smart decided to ditch her Athletics career and move to something else.  She retired and became a school teacher at a primary school located in the North West.

What to Know About Helen Smart’s Death.

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Helen Smart according to reports available to us was tragically found dead by her daughter who is only four years old. 

Her daughter, sadly did not know that was the end of her mother’s journey on earth. She thought she was just in her sleep and then went over to tell her father that she can’t wake her mother up like she did on previous occasions.

Helen Smart was said to be unresponsive when her daughter Heidi tried everything possible to get in with her at 4 am during a family celebration that took place in the Lake District.

It was when her father came to check up before realising that Helen Smart had passed away.

It was confirmed that The family were at a large cottage on the banks of Lake Coniston and Helen had been paddle boarding at dusk on Friday night just hours before she died.

Helen Smart’s mother, identified as Linda, was the one who later confirmed her daughter’s death to the public. 

Linda said “Heidi had woken up in the night and tried to get into bed with her. She said to her daddy: ”Mummy won’t wake up”.

‘He said: ”Oh she must be very tired Heidi – you go back to bed.” ‘He put the torch on and he said later that when he looked he could tell.

‘We are just in so much shock. You jump from believing it to not believing it.

‘She had been paddle boarding a few hours before and had never even been ill apart from her knees swelling from swimming.’

‘We’re distraught. They don’t know what it is but they think it must have happened shortly after she went to bed. She just died in her sleep. She stated. 

Helen Smart Age, How Old Was She before her death? 

The exact date of birth of Helen Smart is not known, however, it was confirmed that she was 42 years old before her sudden death. This may be a clue that she was born in the year 1981.


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