Help Support This NGO To Donate To Widows and Orphans This Christmas

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A non-profit organization ‘Women In Prayer’ have decided to touch the lives of the less privileged in society and are calling on all persons to help them in putting smiles on the faces of orphans and widows this Christmas.

The brain behind the organization, Mariam Olaniba took to Facebook to narrate an inspirational story that simulated her decision.

She wrote: “A little piece for u to read… A true story from me and me alone… You see giving whole heartly is something else. When u actually have a genuine heart about something it happens just like that… Truth is I am not rich, yes one way or the other I go through the struggles of life… I am not wealthy someway some how I wish I had that privilege… Growing up those that really knows me, knows who and what I stand for and what I can and will do to close friends… It isn’t about the money or items but it is about the heart behind that GIVING…. I may not have a dime the whole year but when I set to organize this program someway, somehow God comes through.. I don’t how but HE does…. My first donation was singly done with my national service money…. I wasn’t paid the whole year and was paid few days before my birthday people failed in their promises but as I said the HEART…. I did what I did and was amazed at the response…. Same as 2nd and third year I would say about 2 or 3 helped the 4 year and 5 and now…. He knows it all I am not giving the whole world to the society but as I said my HEART as always yearned to do this and more….. Growing up seeing people on the street seeing people beg I wonder why… I asked my father a question one day…. I said dad; why did God make this people beg? Why did God not give them a home ? Why did God make the struggle to get ends meet? He said daughter look at ur finger and tell me what u see? I didn’t understand it at first then he said are ur hands equal? I said no he said we all the same? I said no. Do we look alike? I said no. Is our heights the same? I said no. Then he said so is life… We can’t all be equal…. He said don’t u see there are days I don’t have money and we need to do one or two to raise money? Umm life as thought me to always look out for others…. The lord has and he is and He will always be faithful…. Shalom.”

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If you are touched and want to donate to this course, send your donations to the numbers on the flyer below and you can also reach out to them on same numbers for details.

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