Here’s how much you need to pay to enrol your child at GIS

Earlier this week, photographs and videos from the prom went viral on social media, with some students flaunting their wealth.

A prom is a school event conducted at the conclusion of each academic year for students who are in their final years.

It is a special occasion for students to celebrate their high school graduation and a chance for them to spend one final night together before they go off to other institutions to further their studies.

We’ve looked at the expense of enrolling a student at GIS in light of the glittering at the school’s prom and the response of the public.

As of the 2018-19 academic year, GIS students paid a single $100 registration cost, although the entrance and tuition prices differed.

Ghanaian students pay a flat admission fee of $6,000; those in primary pay a tuition fee of $2,027 per term, secondary students pay $3,054 and Sixth form students pay $3,360

Long-term expatriate students also pay a flat admission fee of $6,500, expat primary students pay $ 2,757 as tuition fees per term, secondary students pay $3,932 and Sixth form students pay $4,237.

Meanwhile, short-term expatriate/diplomat pay $7,000 as admission fee; those in primary pay $3,932 per term as tuition fees, those in secondary pay $5,098 and those in Sixth Form pay $5,429.

It must be noted, however, that the above fees are from the 2018/19 academic year and could be higher in 2022.


GIS school fees 



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