Here’s why a lot of fans thought Queen Latifah died instead of Queen Elizabeth II

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Legions of Queen Latifah’s followers feared that she had passed away and this caused a measure of buzz online in the last 24 hours.

While the Hip Hop scene was quick to express its condolences to England’s Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on Thursday (September 8) in Balmoral, Scotland, at the age of 96, bewildered fans flocked to honour the only queen they know and love: Queen Latifah.

The mayhem all began when a user tweeted out: “I told my mama the Queen died, she talking about ‘LATIFAH ????’”

The tweet garnered thousands of retweets and set off a chain reaction causing people to briefly believe The Equalizer star had passed away.

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“Mf app had me scared I thought Queen Latifah died I was really about to cry,” wrote one concerned fan.

While another added: “everybody saying ‘rip queen’ thought y’all was talking bout Queen Latifah I was botta cry.”

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Other fans decided to take it upon themselves to let everyone know that the 52-year-old rapper and actor is still very much alive and is currently one of the only remaining queens.

“Idk who needs to hear this but Queen Latifah is alive and well,” wrote another fan, with someone else adding: “I’m endorsing Queen Latifah as England’s next monarch.”


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