Saturday, March 28, 2020

Herh! EL Can Lie For Africa & This Is The Reason Why

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People, we’ve gotten an official liar for Africa and the person is EL. The musician and producer has said in an interview that, the amount of money he spent in shooting his music video ‘Overdose’ can buy four Kia Picanto cars.

EL made this revelation when he was on ‘Swift’ show with Miss Betty on Pan Africa Tv. When asked the cost of his music video ‘Overdose’, EL didn’t give a figure but went ahead to say that, his music video can buy 4 Kia Picantos.

The cost of a Kia Picanto varies, depending on the year model, whether used or brand new and some other factors. The price ranges from Ghc18,-Ghc24,000 even when it’s home used and has a DV plate, and would cost more if it’s a brand new.

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We would want to assume that the cost of the Kia Picanto is even Ghc20,000, so that would be Ghc80,000 for four cars.

Now, we are not saying, EL cannot afford to spend Ghc80,000 or more on a music video but who spends that much on a music video and then leaves the video to struggle for views and even reviews.

EL’s ‘Overdose’s’ music video has garnered only Ghc20,563 views at the time of this publication after almost a month that the video was published on his record label’s channel.

So EL, you spent Ghc80,000 plus on a music video and you can’t make available a decent budget available to promote this beautiful music video? Damn, who does that? You can lie for Africa bro.

Watch EL’s Overdose music video below:

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