Herve Renard family: children, parents, siblings

Hervé Renard is a prominent football coach known for his success in African football. Read this article to find out more about his parents, siblings, and children. 


Hervé Renard was born on September 30, 1968, in Aix-les-Bains, France. From a young age, he displayed a passion for football and dreamt of making a career in the sport. Renard’s playing career, however, did not reach the same heights as his coaching journey. As a player, he had a modest career, primarily as a defender, playing for several lower-division French clubs.

His real talents lay in coaching, and he began his coaching journey after retiring as a player. He initially worked as a physical education teacher before moving into coaching positions. His early coaching career was relatively unremarkable, but he gained valuable experience and expertise while working with various French clubs.

Hervé Renard’s career took a significant turn when he ventured into African football. His first major success came in 2008 when he was appointed as the head coach of the Zambia national football team.

In 2010, he led Zambia to a stunning victory in the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) held in Angola. The triumph was particularly poignant as Zambia’s national team had suffered a tragic air disaster in 1993, and Renard’s victory brought immense joy.

Renard’s tactical acumen, ability to inspire his players, and dedication to the game earned him admiration within the footballing community. His success in Zambia opened up new opportunities, and he became sought after by other African nations seeking his coaching expertise.

In 2012, Hervé Renard took over the coaching duties for the Ivory Coast national team. During his tenure, he helped the team qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Though the World Cup campaign did not meet expectations, his management skills and motivational abilities were still highly regarded.

A few years later, he achieved another historic milestone. In 2015, he became the first coach to win the Africa Cup of Nations with two different teams when he led the underdog national team of the Republic of Benin to victory. This success solidified his reputation as one of the most successful and respected coaches in African football history.

After his success with Benin, he continued his coaching journey, moving to other African countries and clubs. His ability to work with diverse teams and adapt his tactics to different playing styles remained an essential asset throughout his career.

Hervé Renard is known for his calm and composed demeanor on the sidelines, even in high-pressure situations. He is highly regarded for his strategic approach to the game, emphasizing discipline, teamwork, and a strong work ethic. Renard’s coaching style is based on building a strong bond with his players, motivating them to perform at their best, and instilling a winning mentality.

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Herve Renard Family

Herve Renard has an amazing family who has been his back since the start of his career to date. He cherishes them so much. It is revealed that his maternal grandparents were from Poland.

The football coach also has three children with his wife, Viviane Dieye. Their names are Candide Renard, Audrey Renard, Kevin, and Renard. There are no details about his siblings


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