‘High value men don’t chase women’ – Young lady cautions women who love playing hard to get

A young lady on Twitter, Its Lex has cautioned women to be circumspect in the way they play hard to get. 

She said men of high value don’t like to be ‘stretched’ by women for far too long.

It all started when a Twitter lady simply known as Lee advised other women to ghost a man in order to find out how hard he will try to be with her.

”U gotta ghost a n***a every now and then to see how hard he fight to stay in your life,’ she tweeted.

In response, Lex noted that high value men do not chase women, adding that if any woman doubts her assertion then they should try playing hard to get with such men.

She wrote; ”High value men don’t chase women think I’m lying? Try it”

See reactions;

@ShaiMarii said; A man gone chase a woman he wants period. If you label a man that knows his worth as, “high value” that’s a dead give away on who you listen to. A man of value is simply called a man.

@CaribbeanRoseee; High value men? As in high status/rich/high standard. A man that sees something in you worthy of fighting IS GOING TO CHASE. But most high standard men know they have options so if they don’t Chase you, he found you ordinary or easy to replace.

@brijooo0 noted; High earning isn’t high value Face with tears of joy

@1stAmendment18 replied @brijooo0 ; She never mentioned anything about money. She said “high value”. Thnx for letting us know what ur focused on

@youmust_becrazy; Exactly. A man that knows his worth, his value and what he brings to the table doesn’t have time for the little girl games. Ghosting a guy to get him to chase you to boost your own ego is childish. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. We too grown to think this is cute.

@trvpicalpunch; If I show interest in you and you play hard to get on purpose.. Why would I continue to be interested? Y’all ignore and act like you don’t like a n**** and then call him weak for not being up to for the “chase” n moving on. Some of y’all weird.

@EspeciallyMom; Um…Yes they do. Want a diamond? Gotta dig for it. They don’t come easy or cheap.


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