Highest Paid Celebrities 2020, Kanye West Becomes Top Paid Male Celebrity, Alongside Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner And More…

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Forbes announced the world’s 100 top paid celebrities on Wednesday (Sept. 2), and it looks like the Kardashian-Jenner family are raking it with the No. 1 and No. 2 spots.

Kylie Jenner tops the chart with $590 million acquired from her major $600 million sale of Kylie cosmetics to Coty,Inc back in January, and her brother in-law Kanye West rules with $170 million from his Yeezy sneaker deal with adidas which secured the most earnings. Kanye officially earned the Billionaire title he was craving a little back in April, and this makes him the highest paid male celebrity in the world. He celebrated this in a Twitter post that said;

Elton John appears at (No. 14, $81 million), Ariana Grande (No. 17, $72 million) and the Jonas Brothers (No. 20, $68.5 million) also made it in the top 10 this year.

Kim Kardashian West made it at number 48. It’s not surprising as her cosmetic line KKW Beauty made up the majority of her net worth with $100 million in sales last year. Her skimwear collection also gave her a boost with $5 million from VC firm Imaginary Ventures.

Ariana Grande makes it as the highest paid female artist in 2020. Taylor Swift was number one last year, but she popped in at number 25 this year with $63.5 million, thanks to her new record deal with Universal’s Republic Records and the first album she released under the label last summer, Lover.

Billie Eilish also makes  her Celebrity 100 debut at No. 43 with $53 million which is very very impressive considering she is the youngest person on the the list at age 18.  The Apple documentary about her life and career accounted for $25 million alone.

Other musicians who made the list include: Post Malone (No. 28, $60 million); The Rolling Stones (No. 32, $59 million); Marshmello (No. 35, $56 million); Diddy (No. 37, $55 million); Shawn Mendes (No. 39, $54.5 million); Jay-Z (No. 42, $53.5 million); BTS (No. 47, $50 million); Drake (No. 49, $49 million); Jennifer Lopez (No. 56, $47.5 million); P!nk (No. 57, $47 million); Rihanna (No. 60, $46 million); Luke Bryan and Lin-Manuel Miranda (tied at No. 62, $45.5 million); Backstreet Boys (No. 64, $45 million); Phil Collins (No. 64, $45 million); Will Smith (No. 69, $44.5 million); Blake Shelton (No. 70, $43.5 million); Celine Dion (No. 73, $42 million); The Eagles (No. 75, $41 million); Metallica (No. 78, $40.5 million); Travis Scott (No. 82, $39.5 million); Katy Perry (No. 86, $38.5 million); Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi and U2 (tied at No. 87, $38 million); Paul McCartney (No. 91, $37 million); and DJ Khaled and KISS (tied at No. 95, $36.5 million).

source; Billboard.

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