Hilda Baci again: Nigerian celebrity chef says she can’t marry a man who knows how to cook well

Hilda Baci
Hilda Baci

Hilda Baci has once again made headlines with her recent comments about her preferences in a partner’s culinary skills. During a podcast interview, Hilda expressed her desire to be with a man who lacks cooking abilities, as she enjoys taking charge of the kitchen.

For Hilda, cooking is not just a chore but a way to express her love. She takes pleasure in preparing various dishes for her loved ones and doesn’t mind waking up even at dawn to cook for her partner.

Hilda believes that cooking is a means of demonstrating her affection for her partner, implying that it would be unsuitable for a man to possess exceptional culinary skills.

Consequently, this suggests that she has no further need to validate herself in the relationship, which might potentially hurt their bond.


Hilda Baci and the Ghana, Nigeria Jollof war

The Jollof war, which was sparked by Hilda Baci’s unfavourable comment about Ghana Jollof came to an end recently after the Nigerian celebrity chef backtracked.

Baci, who previously held the Guinness record for the longest cooking time, managed to stir up controversy by making derogatory remarks about Ghana jollof, much to the dismay of Ghanaians and this reinforced the animosity between the two neighbouring West African countries on social media.

However, Becca, who is married to a Nigerian and resides in Nigeria, has managed to bring an end to the war by serving Hilda Baci a delicious plate of jollof rice.

To avoid resorting to insults, Becca took a diplomatic approach by offering Hilda Baci a taste of her jollof, allowing her to make an unbiased assessment.

A video emerged online showing Hilda Baci enjoying the Jollof at Becca’s house and expressing her willingness to grant another interview on the Jollof saga and tell the whole world that she goofed with her first statement!

Watch the video below as she says Ghana Jollof is nice!

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