Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Hillary Clinton Sends Her support To The People Of Nigeria

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 The former first lady and Presidential Candidate of the United States Hillary Clinton Have sent out a message in support to the people of Nigeria.

Hillary Clinton’s support message has come in handy as peaceful and unarmed protesters who were demanding for an End Of Sars Were meet with severe brutality from the Nigerian Army.

In the Wee hours Of 20th October 2020 as continued pressure were been mounted on the government in a massive protest to end a rogue unit in the Police Administration and the call for a better Nigeria as well, A number of young Nigerians have lost their lives through the process.

This act By the Nigeria Government has seen the Young Protesters receive support and encouragement all over the world and massive condemnation for the barbaric acts perpetrated by the Nigerian Army

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It is in this light Hillary has come out to Lend her voice in her recent tweet to call on the president and the Nigerian Army to stop Killing Young and peaceful Protesters.

See tweet below:


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