Hit And Run Artistes In Ghana That Might Interest You


There were some artistes who wowed us for a moment and later got consigned to the spectrum of forgetfulness. They headlined concerts and made their fans gush out their happiness spirally.

They were the buzzword for instant success but time proved their expiration shares a striking resemblance to their success. Let’s look at these artistes.

1.    Araz

Few people remember Araz, one of the proponents of Ga raps. He burst into the limelight with Lai momo(old flame) that became an instant hit nationwide. The song was in strictly in Ga, a language spoken by the minority along the coast of the country. That notwithstanding, the song gained a huge acceptance owing largely to the catchy beat and the weird rap tone.

Unfortunately Araz couldn’t sustain his success and he became a forlorn figure in the industry thereafter. He attempted a feeble comeback with a song whose title was as nonsensical as the song itself.

In March 2014, news filtered in that the hiplife star has been gunned down in a fatal chieftaincy dispute in his native land.

Araz paid his dues and he will be remembered for that forever.

2.    Kokovelli

Kwaw Kesse once labelled Kokovelli as a ‘whack’ artiste and time has proven his assertion. He introduced us to a new dance he learnt from kwabotwe to the people of Ghana.

The song was that big and the remix which featured two hot artistes of that era (Batman Samini and K.K. Fosu) soared his popularity. Later he and Samini and K.K. Fosu formed an unofficial group called the Trinity and made a couple of hits song together.

Samini and K.K Fosu went on to become big stars whilst Kokovelli sort of became a one hit man. Nothing has been heard of him since then.

3.    Paa Dogo

Paa Dogo was a very good rapper and many remember him for introducing ‘the man insane’ into the industry. However after his hit song on Hammer’s compilation song in 2004, Paa Dogo is virtually unknown in our industry now.

4.    Ebo

I loved Ebo for his first hit song, ‘Once, Twice’ he produced in 2006. It turned out to be the only hit song for the young dark guy who was said to be related to Bola Ray. The song was very beautiful by all standards. I simply don’t know why he failed to match up the high expectation that was expected of him.

5.    Kla la

Former participants of Nescafe Africa Revelation, this youthful group whose personalised Ga culture rose to fame with their hit song, Nye he y3f3).

That song was their only hit song till date. The group got disintegrated and have been in oblivion since.

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