Homosexuality is Not in Our Ghanaian Culture and You Cannot Tell Us Otherwise – Frank Naro Jabs At Wanlov and Sister Derby

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Following the recent developments on the LGBT community’s demand for the respect of their rights, numerous individuals have had something either positive or negative to say. Frank Naro, a Ghanaian musician however is certainly not in support of the movement.

Speaking on Zylofon 102.9’s ‘Showbiz Agenda’, he said that these acts have been detested even since the time of our ancestors. Therefore, he does not understand why someone who engages in such practices should demand for rights.

“I do not understand why a homosexual should sit somewhere and say that they have rights. Okay, fine. You have rights, but in Ghana, we have said we do not like it. So, just leave the country if that is what you truly want,” he opined.

He also expressed his displeasure about Wanlov and Deborah Vanessa’s support for the movement.

“Someone who smokes weed also has rights. But does that mean we should leave them to smoke? No. We speak against that in Ghana. So, why are you telling us that you have a right to be gay?” Frank Naro quizzed.

Members of the LGBT community have faced a severe amount of backlash after they opened their headquarters in Accra. It’s closure was even ordered by President Akufo-Addo.

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