‘Homosexuals Need Medical And Spiritual Deliverance’ – Mike Oquaye

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Ghana’s Speaker of Parliament, Right Honourable Prof Aaron Mike Ocquaye has said homosexuals don’t only need medical attention but ‘strong’ spiritual cleansing so they came come back to normalcy.

He disclosed when he was speaking at the maiden Speaker’s Breakfast meeting in Parliament, in Accra on Wednesday. The New Patriotic Party stalwart said homosexuality is deviant conduct which has to be tacked with much aggresstion.

He said:

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“When it comes to a spiritual connotation and you need deliverance we shall handle it. Homosexuals have a deviant conduct; it’s a deviant conduct like any other deviant conduct.”

The speaker however warned against violence targeting homosexuals.

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“Of course, it doesn’t mean you [homosexuals] must be killed, it doesn’t mean your arm must be amputated. We don’t do any such thing here. We try to handle the matter; either we teach you medically, or we also handle it psychologically”, he said.

“It is a matter of concern to all because some people may have sex with animals, turn round and bring bestiality sicknesses and be having sex with other human beings; then you tell me it is your business, it is not your business” he added.

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