Hon Tega Nze Reveals Why Divorce And Cheating Are Higher In Christianity Than Any Other Religion

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Divorce rates among Christians keep increasing by the day with allegations of cheating so rife in the Christian religion.

According to Hon Tega Nze, divorce rates and cheating in Christianity are actually higher than in any other religion because of the fact that Christianity forbids a man to have more than one wife.

He intimated that Islam accepts more than a wife for a man, something Christianity totally forbids.

What Hon Tega Nze can’t quite wrap his head around is the fact that Solomon and Abraham in the Bible had as many wives but it is forbidden for a Christian to have more that one wife.

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If having more than a wife is a sin that leads one to hell, Hon Tega Nze is wondering if the over 2billion Muslims will be going to hell because they allow it.

He wrote this on Facebook;

“Cheating and divorce is so high in Christianity than any other religion in the world.
Have u ask yourself why?
Islam allow men to take 4 wives, in Christianity is a sin…
Yet every day we read about Solomon from the Bible, we read about Abraham in the Bible…
The question I asked every day, will the 2billion Muslim on Earth go to hell?
Will God judge them with a different rule?”
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See his post below;


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