Honorable John Kumah You Indeed Suggested Persons Refusing To Accept Momo Because Of E-Levy Can Be Arrested– Do We Clap For People Going Against The Laws?

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Hon. John Kumah has reacted to a publication on Ghbase.com which stated that he had suggested that, those who refuse to accept Mobile Money as a payment method can be arrested.

In a Facebook post by him, he shared a screenshot of that story on his wall, tagging it as Fake News, thereby suggesting that, he never made such a statement.

We are surprised that he would run away from his own statement in an interview on Neat Fm.

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According to him, it’s against the laws of Ghana for any business or citizen to reject Mobile Money payments from customers because of the infamous E-levy.

And per our understanding, when something is against the laws of Ghana, what it means is that, it’s illegal and hence the person would be arrested if caught so, we are shocked he would tag our reportage as fake news.

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We don’t know if he doesn’t understand that, his statement had a specific implication and we as a news outlet only decided to amplify the implication of what he deemed as criminal or to use his words ‘against the laws of Ghana’

For instance, it’s against the laws of Ghana to drive beyond stated speed limits on some roads and hence any driver caught driving beyond such limits, can be arrested and made to face the law—The end result could be that the driver would be fined or jailed or both as to be determined by a competent judge.

So if the Honourable made a statement that, those businesses that are refusing to accept Mobile Money because of E-levy are going against the law—What is the interpretation? Don’t people who go against the law get arrested and prosecuted?

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Or there are certain illegalities that one can commit and should never be arrested for? Honesty I’m lost here.

It would be better for the Honourable Deputy minister to rephrase his statement that would suggest it’s not criminal than to be hiding behind tagging our website’s story as fake news, suggesting to readers that he didn’t say that.

The E-Levy came into face on May 1st, even though majority of Ghanaians had kicked against it’s introduction as it burdens the citizens even more.

Watch the interview below:


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