Hot Scoop!! A Popular Musician Has Married His Ex While Staying & Bonking Another Woman For 6 Good Years

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I am very certain you all know Bright of the former group, Buk Bak. Well, there’s been a lot of development in his life lately and the latest is that, he’s married another woman secretly because he’s a womanizer and didn’t want one of his many girlfriends to find out. has gathered that, he got married secretly in the states to a woman he has two children and that woman is even his ex.

Bright Of Buk-Bak Fame
Bright Of Buk-Bak Fame

The Details. was the first to publish exclusive pictures from the secret engagement ceremony which took place in New York. According to reports, gathered, Bright of Buk Bak fame has been living with a woman called Ginger Corbel for the past six years in New York. The said woman is a very popular person among the Ghanaian community in New York.

Ginger-Corbeil, the woman Bright left to marry another  while staying with her
Ginger-Corbeil, the woman Bright left to marry another while staying with her

Now Ginger is very angry with Bright after learning the man he’s been living with for the past 6 years in her house married another woman secretly after luring her to believe he was just going to outdoor his baby. Bright married his ex and mother of two children known as Jackie and that was he had the engagement ceremony on a low key, just so his current lover does not get to know of it. After all, it was just going to be a naming ceremony.

What made Ginger even more angy and felt stupid was that, Bright bonked her real hard on Thursday night and got married to another woman on Saturday.

So How Come His Current Lover Allowed Him  To Outdoor His Baby?

The source disclosed to;

 “You can’t really trust men. Bright slept in Ginger’s bed on Thursday night and discussed plans to outdoor the new born baby she had with her ex since he was being forced by the parents of the girl. As loving as she is, she willingly allowed the fiance and even gave him a present for the kid. However, we were all shocked late Saturday when we saw pictures of an outdooring ceremony turned low key engagement ceremony”, our source disclosed.

Bright and his ex now his wife and two kids
Bright and his ex now his wife and two kids

“What even hurts the most is the fact that he f**ked her on Thursday night and told her he was going to name his baby on Saturday only to be furnished with pictures of a traditional engagement ceremony later on Saturday”

“she feels used and disrespected by the musician especially as they were already planning a wedding”. the source further disclosed as attempts to get a response from Ginger has failed.

So why did Ginger Corbeil  still stay with Bright knowing he had two kids with a different woman and had constant contact with her? 

The source said;

“I can’t tell but I believe she loved him so much. Everybody in New York knew about them”

 Bright is yet to comment on the issues as he continues to stay low key since the development.

Ginger Corbeil, according to checks by, is a socialite and the current manager of a hospitality home which specializes in “caring for senior citizens” in New York. She is also one of the reasons behind Buk Bak’s comeback hit single Kolom.

We would bring you more updates as the story unfolds.

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