Hot Video: Nayas Storms Radio Station & Whips Ernest Opoku With Cane For Refusing To Apologise to Her

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We are certain, Ernest Opoku would regret the day he proposed to movie producer NAYAS and even the curse the day he spilled his milk in her ‘distin—Hehehehehe. Yes, we know you’ve heard of the stories already but for the benefit of those who might be reading this for the first time, we would give that gist again.

So Nayas is a Kumawood actress and a movie producer and accused Gospel musician, Ernest Opoku of forcing her to abort a 3-month-old pregnancy and told her, he was going to give her some materials and Ghc5,000 cash but she turned down the offer.

This woman made several allegations in several radio interviews and at one time even said, Ernest Opoku licked her ‘distin’ when she was menstruating—Yuck right?

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Well, Ernest Opoku admitted that he got the lady pregnant and blamed the whole thing on the devil but never apologised to the actress.


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Today, May 14th, when Ernest Opoku was in the studios of Adom Fm for a live worship session, the actress stormed the studios with a cane in her hand and according to reports on, the woman whipped Ernest Opoku for refusing to apologise.

In another separate interview with, the actress told the site that, she wanted an apology from Ernest.

Portions of the report on the blog read;

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According to the mother of one who claims she is pregnant with Ernest Opoku, the musician has failed to call her after she announced the issue for the world to know. She added that the ‘Onyame Aguama’ singer has told several people that he will never say sorry to her and that triggered her action on Monday afternoon.

Angry Nayas further told this website that she only needs an apology from Mr. Opoku to calm her down else she will do worse than what happened during the live worship.

Watch the video below: