How ANAS & His Friends Made Millions In An Attempt To Expose Corruption With Sports Betting

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There have been several conversations on and off Social media since a documentary film that exposes acts of alleged corruption at the GFA was premiered. While some feel, ANAS did a good job, some are of the view that, his methods are wrong and should be reviewed again since he entraps his victims.

In the documentary that was premiered, match referees are seen taking  ‘gifts’ or what Anas would describe as ‘bribes’ to return a favour in a particular football game.

In the documentary, we saw ANAS and his team influencing one of the games between the two most popular clubs in the country in the GPL; Heats of Oak and Asante Kotoko. On the blind side of the management of Hearts of Oak, ANAS and his team gave a bribe to a referee to officiate the match in favour of Hearts and just as ANAS wanted to capture and see, his objective was achieved–Hearts Of Oak won that game when they were given an unfair penalty by the referee who had taken money to ensure things go in their favour.

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In ANAS’s bid to prove a stance with his method, he influenced the outcome of a football game, without the knowledge of both teams and some people feel it’s wrong, because his method affected others greatly as Kotoko suffered a point, people who had place bets on Kotoko also lost monies unfairly.

Now, there’s a school of thought, that ANAS and his friends made millions of cedis while doing their job. They had paid the referee to influence the game in their favour and so they were more than 100% sure of the of the outcome of the game.

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Around the world, people place bets on football games to win matches and since ANAS rides on anonymity,  we can’t trust him as well because he’s human, and his co-workers are equally human.

Each time Hearts of Oak and Kotoko play a game, the odds are usually fair, especially when it comes to who would win the match as both teams are almost on the same level.

Social media users, are now saying that, ANAS fixed a game, his workers certainly knew, and they might have also placed bets secretly to make some money.

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In sports betting, there are several options to place bets on and ANAS and his team demanded for a penalty in the game. The odds for goal to come in a game as a result of a penalty has high odds. Although we are not sure of what odds was given for that game, it wouldn’t have been anything lesser than 5 odds.

Assuming the odds for Hearts To Score A Goal by Penalty was even 5 odds, a stake of 1000ghc on that odd, would return potential winnings of Ghc5,000 and that would have been a profit of Ghc,4000. But here is the case where, ANAS were more than 100% sure that, a penalty was certainly going to be given in favour of Hearts, so risking a huge amount on betting on that option is a SURE WIN for them.

What if 10 of his workers all staked Ghc10,000 on the Odds of 5? That was a cool Ghc50,000 each for them and a profit of Ghc40,000. Who are their partners? What if their partners who were very much aware of this arrangement also placed such bets?  Think about how much money they made?

Of course, while they were exposing someone, they also made money from it, while making several others lose money as well because of their interference.

If you were more than 10000% sure that a stake of any amount on odds of 5 would make you money, I’m sure you may even sell everything to place your bets, while you smile and wait for the game to end, so you pick your money.

ANAS may say, he never placed bets, but are we God to know? What about his workers, who knew of such arrangements?

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