How Bullet stole my song and gave it to Wendy Shay- Kay Wusu

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Artist manager Bullet is under fire from Kay Wusu for allegedly utilizing his song Masakra without permission.

According to Kay Wusu, he wrote, sang, and created Wendy Shay’s original song Masakra According to Kay Wusu, Bullet approached him and requested his consent to recreate the song, and he gave it.

Bullet released it under Wendy Shay despite not carrying out his end of the bargain.

“I won’t say Wendy Shay stole the song. However, her team never heeded the agreement between us,” he told Emmanuel Agyeman on Onua FM’s Anigye mmre entertainment and lifestyle show.

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Kay Wusu, in furtherance, said he met Bullet and Wendy Shay and had a verbal agreement on how both parties will benefit from remaking the song.

“Bullet contacted me to meet him at his estate house in Botwe, which I did. We had a fruitful agreement and Wendy Shay thanked me with a drink. They told me they have not started recording, so we were both supposed to be on the song.

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“In the initial agreement, the song was for Ebony. I was going to get two features from her and my share of the proceeds from the song.

But the unexpected happened, so we agreed to give the song to Wendy Shay with the same consensus without knowing they were done with the song already. They tricked me.”

As he recalled how well-wishers alerted him to the “thievery,” Kay Wusu continued to describe the circumstances leading up to the treachery. He continued by adding that someone had claimed ownership of his tune and that Bullet had given him live radio support.

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“The moment I left his abode, I had countless calls from folks telling me my song has been released. I never believed it until I listened to the song.

“I later heard someone telling Sammy Flex on Zylophon FM that he owns the song and got support from Bullet. That’s the most painful part of the whole issue,” he concluded.



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