How Did Avicii Die, Everything To Know About The DJ

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Tim Bergling, known by the stage name Avicii was born in Stockholm, Sweden on 8th Sep6, 1989. His parents’ names are Anki Liden and Klas Bergling. Avicii’s mother was an actress who had made appearances in over 50 movies and television shows in Sweden.

He had three other siblings; Anton Körberg, David Bergling, Linda Sterner. His quest to carry out a career as a Disc Jockey(DJ) was strongly influenced by his elder brother who was also a DJ and a musician.

While growing up, Avicii was known to be an alcoholic and that affected his health as days passed. He was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, his appendix and gall bladder were all removed in the year 2012. Even with his health issues, Avicii toured the world entertaining and risking his life for people to have fun. That cost him his life.

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How Did Avicii Die?

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On 20th April, 2018, Avicii died. His dead body was found in his hotel room near Muscat, Oman. According to his family a few days after he’d died, revealed that, Avicii cut himself and bled to death. Avicii committed suicide.

According to many sources, he suffered from severe depression and emotional trauma during his reign. Depression is one of the commonest things in artists. Avicii died at the age of 28 years at the peak of his total breakthrough.

Avicii’s Relationship

Avicii did not have a kid nor was he married. Before his untimely passing, the DJ was in a relationship with Raquel Bettencourt, the Canadian model at the age of 25. Somewhere in 2014, the two love birds separated from each other.

Before his said relationship with Raquel Bettencourt, he was also in a relationship with Emily Goldberg for two straight years. She posted a picture of them kissing while paying tribute to him.


Avicii’s Career

Avicii started his career as an online music producer. He introduced his craft online and most people feel for his amazing gift to produce amazing beats. He started his music journey at a very young age, 16 years.

Starting, almost all his productions were uploaded on various streaming platforms. In the year 2011, Avicii produced ‘Levels’ and that earned him a star in the stardom world. He gained international attention for that masterpiece.

He didn’t relent on that victory to sleep on what he’d had from the world. Two years on, Avicii released his debut album titled ‘True’.

The transparency and stinging of his music hit a whole new level. His album became a major and complete success. The album made its way on top 10 hits in over 15 countries across the globe such as in Australia, the United States of America and Sweden.

After some few years into his breakthrough, Avicii toured across the world. His tour also helped the artist gain lots of fans and followers physically and across all his social media platforms. He became one of the world’s most sought out DJs of the generation. He reigned and served the world with quality music till he committed suicide on 20th April, 2018.

Avicii Age

Avicii was just 28 years old when he died.

Avicii’s Son

The DJ did not have a son or a wife. He was allegedly in a relationship with Raquel Bettencourt but they separated somewhere in September 2014.

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