How Did Bob Marley Die, Know About His Career, Family & More

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Bob Marley, also known in real life as Robert Nesta Marley was born in Nine Mile, British Jamaica on 6th February, 1945. Bob Marley is a worldwide artist known for his sensible, sensitive and informative reggae music.

His father was called Norval Sinclair Marley and his mother was also called Cedella Booker. When Bob Marley was born, his father, Norval Sinclair Marley was working as a supervisor at a plantation and his mother was also a singer and a songwriter. Bob Marley had four other siblings namely; Anthony Booker, Constance Marley, Pearl Livingston and Richard Booker.

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How Did Bob Marley Die?

(GERMANY OUT) Bob Marley Bob Marley *06.04.1945-11.05.1981+ Musician, singer, Reggae, Jamaica Bob Marley at a concert – 1981 (Photo by Jürgen & Thomas/ullstein bild via Getty Images)
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Per history, Bob Marley battled with cancer for months. Travelling to Europe, Bob Marley underwent some treatment in Germany to help him fight cancer. As time passed by, most people realised that Bob Marley didn’t have much life to live on earth.

Sometime after, the reggae legend sought to return back to his homeland, Jamaica. Unfortunately, he was not able to make it. The widespread of a disease called melanoma to his lungs and brain caused Bob Marley’s death. He died on 11th May, 1981 in Miami, Florida.

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After his sudden and unexpected demise, Bob Marley was given the Order of Merit from the government of Jamaica. Also, in 1980, Bob Marley was awarded the Medal of Peace from the United Nations. At the time of his burial, Bob Marley was given a state burial to bid him farewell.

These were Bob Marley’s final words to his son by name Ziggy:

“Money can’t buy life.”

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Marriage and Kids

Bob Marley tied the knot with his beautiful wife, Rita Anderson on 10th February, 1966 in Kingston, Jamaica. They lived their best life happily after. They were blessed with four children. An additional two from his wife’s former marriage and also many others from different women.

According to reliable sources, Bob Marley had a total of eleven(11) children under his roof. His biological children include; Ziggy Marley, Stephen Marley, Julian Marley, Rohan Marley and Damian Marley.



Bob Marley was an intelligent kid while growing up to prominence. He attended his primary and Junior High School at Stepney Primary School which was situated at the Saint Ann Parish in Jamaica. Norval Sinclair Marley had heart failure and died when Bob Marley was just 10 years of age.

While in school, he and a friend of his, Neville Livingston, now called Bunny Wailer, whose father, Thadeus had a daughter, Pearl with Bob Marley’s mother. Later on, Bob Marley and his friend, Bunny Wailer began to collaborate music-wise. After some time, the two boys formed a band together with their friends, Peter Tosh, Beverley Kelso and Junior Braithwaite.



Bob Marley started off with his career as a group called the Wailers. He brought up exceptional songwriting and vocal skills that to him, was going to earn the respect and love of the world and truly, he did. In 1974, the band dispersed and Bob Marley carried out his career as a solo artiste.

That was when he released his album Exodus in the year 1977. That album caused traffic in his career. It established a well-structured reputation for him tagging him as one of the best world’s best-selling artiste of all time. He sold more than a 75million records with just the album.

Bob Marley Net Worth

Bob Marley’s net worth was estimated to be around $32million. The reggae artiste made some cool money from his music while he was alive and kicking.

Bob Marley Wife

Bob Marley’s wife was called Rita Anderson. Bob Marley and she got married on 10th February, 1966 and had four children in total.

Bob Marley Children

Bob Marley had a total of four biological children and two others from his wife’s former relationships. The others to sum up to eleven were conceived from different women.

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