How Did Brittany Murphy Died, Know About Her Career, Marriage etc

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Brittany Murphy was born in Atlanta, Georgia on 10th November, 1977. Her parents were Angelo Bertolotti and Sharon Murphy. Her father was so involved in organised crime so he spent most of his life in prison. At age two, Brittany Murphy’s parents divorced.

Murphy’s mother was given custody of the child. Her mother and she relocated to Edison, New Jersey after the divorce was successfully handled. That was when Brittany Murphy developed so much love and interest for acting and exploring her God-given talent.


How Did Brittany Murphy Die?

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Life was becoming so hard for the singer. Simon Monjack, her husband was facing health issues and in hospital. Somewhere around that same time too, she was ripped off of one of the films she was a cast on titled The Caller. She had been working on that film with the production team for quite a while in Puerto Rico. After she was allegedly fired, the actress denied every single report.

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Sometimes later, the news about her lost job hit the public due to her inconsistent and poor attitude on set while filming, Brittany Murphy died on 20th December, 2009. Reliable reports stated that, the cause of Brittany Murphy was a heart attack.

Her sudden and unexpected death was therefore attributed to severe anaemia and acute pneumonia. According to the reports, her health condition began to worsen with heavy doses of cold medications. Brittany Murphy died at the age of 32. After exactly five months, Simon Monjack, her husband, also passed away.


Brittany Murphy’s Relationships & Marriage

Brittany Murphy was previously in a relationship with Jonathan Brandis in 1995 and Tom Green in the year 2000. Before she finally got married, she was in a relationship with Ashton Kutcher.

Her relationship with him lasted for about just one year, thus, from 2002 -2003. She also went out with Eminem from 2001 – 2002. Meaning, her relationship with the legendary rapper lasted in a year or less.

Also, Fred Durst in 2003. The 32-year-old actress was formerly engaged to Jeff Kwatinetz in 2004 and also Joe Macaluso from 2005 – 2006. Finally, she was married to Simon Monjack from 2007 – 2009.

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When Brittany Murphy was just 8 years of age, she was so keenly determined to be a movie star. Her dream about being famous and iconic started as a young girl. At that tender age, Brittany Murphy pressured her mother to get her headshots, get her someone to hold onto her quest. Her mother finally agreed to get her through her dreams when Brittany was 12.

After her first audition, the path was paved for young Brittany Murphy to earn a space in the acting field. She began to be given roles for several television commercials and other projects. That was indeed the tip of the iceberg. From commercials, Brittany Murphy started to make appearances on sitcoms such as Boy meets World and Murphy Brown.

At age 14, the young actress made her breakthrough sitcom with Drexell’s Class. ‘Clueless’ was also a success. She starred in Interrupted, 8 Mile and Sin City, Girl and King of the Hill. Her life as an actress was really exciting and debuting. She went on to star in many hit films.


Brittany Murphy’s Net Worth

Even though, there isn’t any exact information about the actress’s net worth but she wasn’t lacking anything. Her guestimated net worth would be between $1-5million.

How Old Is Brittany Murphy?

Brittany Murphy was 32 years when she died. She was born on 10th November, 1977 and died on 20th November, 2009.

Who Is Brittany Murphy’s Husband?

Brittany Murphy was previously married to Simon Monjack from 2007 to 2009. After Brittany Murphy’s death, Simon Monjack was also found dead in the same apartment.

Who Is Brittany Murphy?

Brittany Murphy was an American actress. She has starred in lots of great and iconic movies. She started her journey as an actress at a younger age with her mother’s support and guidance.

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