How Did Bruce Lee Die, Know More About His Career & Many More

Bruce Lee is known in real life as Lee Jun Fan was born in San Francisco, California, USA on 27th November 1940. His father was called Lee Hoi Chuen and his mother was also called Grace Ho. Lee Hoi Chuen was an opera singer. The nuclear family relocated to the United States of America in 1939.

Bruce Lee was given the name ‘Bruce from the hospital he was born. Though, his family did not care to use that name in his preschool days. His blissful future in film took a stand when he made his first appearance as a stand-in for an American baby in the film Golden Gate Girl the year 1941. He was only 3 months old.


How Did Bruce Lee Die?

Just one month to the premiere of the movie Enter The Dragon on 20th July 1973, the Bruce Lee was reported dead. Bruce Lee died at the age of 32 in Hong Kong, China. According to sources, the main course of Bruce Lee was brain edema which was discovered in an autopsy to a painkiller he used for a back injury. Some even went to the extent of saying the young and energetic actor had been murdered. According to others too, Bruce Lee died of a curse. None of these claims had been proved.

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Somewhere in the early 1940s, after Bruce Lee and his family had finally moved to Hong Kong, he featured in over 20 films as a child. His career in acting commenced in the year 1946. He also studied dance. He won Hong Kong’s cha-cha dance competition and was a key figure in poetry at that time. Bruce Lee was taunted by the British students for having a Chinese background.

This created lots of pressure on him to join a street gang. Bruce Lee started to learn kung fu as a form of instilling discipline in his life. He learnt Kung Fu under the care and training of his master Master Yip Man. After a decade, Bruce Lee moved back to the United States to his family friends outside Seattle, Washington DC. At his arrival, Bruce Lee worked as a dance instructor.

He also got employed as a teacher to teach the Wing Chun style of martial arts. It was through the training that he met his wife, Kinda Emery.



Bruce Lee met his wife Linda Emery while he was teaching Kung Fu. They got married in 1964. At that time, Bruce Lee had already opened his own martial arts school in Seattle, Washington. Soon, the couple relocated to California where Brice Lee opened two more martial arts schools. One in Los Angeles and the other in Oakland.

Bruce Lee and his wife were blessed with two children; Shannon, born in the year 1969 and Brandon, also born in I965.



Lee went on to appear on shows such as Longstreet and Ironside and in the film Marlowe (1969), playing a high-kicking villain. Unhappy with the number and quality of roles available to Asian Americans in Hollywood, Lee and his family, including son Brandon and daughter Shannon, moved back to Hong Kong in 1971.

Bruce Lee soon released the movie known to U.S. audiences as Fists of Fury. The story, featuring Lee as a fighter seeking revenge on those who had killed his kung fu master, was not very original, but with his graceful movements, his good looks and charm, and his acting ability, Lee was a star in the making.

Bruce Lee made special appearances in some notable films and television series. He was featured in the television series The Green Hornet as Kato. After just a Seaton was released the show was called off. Most people yearned for its continuation but the team had long made their decision for personal reasons.

He also made appearances on television series such as Ironside, Longstreet and Marlowe in 1969. In 1971, Bruce Lee and his family returned to Hong Kong. It was during that period that Bruce Lee released his hit movie Fists of Fury. Due to his special and unique acting skills, the young actor earned the love of many people. He rose to fame much faster than ever imagined.

Even though, Bruce Lee did not produce or make a lot of films because of his untimely death. The few he made created much impact and did so well in most box offices.

Bruce Lee Wife

Bruce Lee’s wife was called Linda Emery. He got married to her in the year 1964.

Bruce Lee Children

Bruce Lee was blessed with two beautiful children; a boy and a girl. Their names are; Shannon and Brandon.


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