How Did Freddie Mercury Die, Know More About This Singer

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Farrokh Bulsara also known as Freddie Mercury was born in Zanzibar on 5th September, 1946. Freddie Mercury was a British singer and songwriter. His parents are Bomi and Jer Bulsara. They have their ancestry from Persia.

After Freddie Mercury’s parents tied the knot, they relocated to Zanzibar, Tanzania. Bomi Bulsara was, however, employed as a cashier for the British government’s High Court. Life was good at that time. Freddie had a little sister called Kashmira who was also born in the year 1952.

When Freddie Mercury was eight, he was sent to attend a boarding school in Bombay which is now called Mumbai, India. There, Freddie learnt piano. He spent his leisure time with his grandparents and aunt. Freddie made the first move in his life to join the Hectic band. He, later on, moved to Zanzibar. Freddie Mercury was born with four additional teeth.

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How Did Freddie Mercury Die?

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Between 1986-1987, Freddie Mercury realised that he had contracted HIV/AIDS and he was losing weight drastically. His health was getting worse day by day. When the symptoms began to eat him deep within, his ex-girlfriend Mary Austin and Jim Hutton took care of him.

On 24th November, 1991, Freddie Mercury died from bronchial pneumonia which was resulted from AIDS. His final funeral rite was held three days after his sudden death in accordance with Persia customs.

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Freddie Mercury studied a program in arts from London’s Isleworth Polytechnic which is known called Thames College. The British singer graduated with a diploma in Arts and Graphic Designing from the Ealing Art College.

After Freddie had graduated from college, he sold clothes in Kensington Market in London for a living and also worked at the Heathrow Airport.


Freddie Mercury’s Relationships

Freddie Mercury was previously in a romantic relationship with Mary Austin somewhere in the 1970s. They lived together for about 6 years in Kensington, London. He moved on after his relationship with Mary ended with a male employee who worked at Elektra Records.

Sources also reveal that Freddie Mercury dated Barbara Valentin, an Austrian actress in the mid-1980s. His relationship with the actress didn’t also remain for long; they separated.

He also went on and had a relationship with Winfried Kirchberg, a restaurateur in Germany. Fast forward, the singer also dated Jim Hutton who was a male hairdresser from Ireland. Somewhere in 1990, his lover, Jim Hutton tested positive for HIV.


Freddie Mercury’s Career

Freddie Mercury grew to prominence with his spectacular music and stunning performance. He was the lead singer of ‘Queen’ the rock and roll music band. At a younger age, Freddie could play almost any song on the piano.

It was later on in his career, after a few live performances, that he formed the music band ‘Queen’ along with artistes such as Roger Taylor and Brian May. The ‘Queen’ band was one of the most popular and prominent bands in the 70s. Together, they made great songs like We Are The Champions and Bohemian Rhapsody.

At a point in Freddie Mercury’s life, he had already mounted and performed on over 700 coverts. His vocal range, energy, vocal range and thrilling performances made him win the hearts of people. Freddie was named Amby the BBC as one of the 100 Greatest Britons and also was placed by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the Top 100 Singers Of All Time.

Freddie Mercury’s Teeth

Freddie Mercury was born with four additional teeth.

Freddie Mercury Age

The British singer and songwriter died at the age of 45 on 24th November, 1991.

Freddie Mercury Sister

Freddie Mercury’s sister was called Kashmira.

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