How Did Pablo Escobar Die, All About The Columbian Drug Lord

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Pablo Escobar was born in Rionegro, Columbia on 1st December, 1949. His parents were Hermilda Gaviria and Abel de Jesús Dari Escobar. He is the third child among seven children. His father, Abel de Jesús Dari Escobar was a farmer while his mother, Hermilda Gaviria was also a school teacher at that time.

Pablo Escobar’s criminal life started as a teenager on the streets of Medellin, Colombia. At a younger age, he used to steal gravestones and sell them to smugglers after sanding them. His brother, Robert Escobar on the other would claim that, the gravestones were from the owners of the cemetery and the clients in care, had refused to pay for the site so one of Escobar’s family relatives was in that monument dealership.

Pablo Escobar was a strong, determined and ambitious kid while growing up. He had always wanted to be a million even at the age of 22. He was involved with his friend Oscar Bernal Aguirre. They used to sell fake lottery tickets to people, steal cars, work on small street scams and sell contraband cigarettes/marijuana.

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Pablo Escobar became a bodyguard and a thief/ransacker in the 1970s. He kidnapped a Medellin official just to squeeze $100,000 from him. In his next step towards his criminal plan, he worked with Alvaro Prieto, one of Columbia’s contraband smugglers.

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How Did Pablo Escobar Die?

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Pablo Escobar was shot and killed on 2nd December, 1993. After the 5th month in a consecutive manhunt by the United States Intelligence Agencies, the Los Pepes and Search Bloc, Pablo Escobar’s hiding place was discovered and invaded by the bodies.

After a while of scout and invasion, Pablo Escobar was shot in his head and that led to the death of the drug lord. To date, it is still not known the police officer who fired the gun leading to the death of Pablo Escobar.

After his death, over 25,000 attendees were found at his burial including the poor people in Medellin who were being taken care of by him. He was buried at Cemetario Jardins Montesacro in Itahui.


Pablo Escobar’s Wife and Children

Pablo Escobar was romantically involved with Maria Victoria. They tied the knot somewhere in March 1976. Throughout their marriage, they were blessed with two beautiful children; Manuela Escobar and Juan Sebastian Marroquín Santos.


Criminal Career

The drug lord, Pablo Escobar was popularly referred to as the ‘King of Coke. He grew up to prominence to become a notorious criminal drug lord in Columbia. Pablo Escobar is generally considered the most influential and richest drug lord or criminal in cocaine trading and trafficking history.

His cartel ‘The Medellin Cartel’ was built by him with the help of some equal criminals to ship tons of cocaine from Columbia to the American market.

The early 1970s and 80s witnessed Pablo Escobar and his cartels enjoy their age of cocaine trafficking and smuggling in and outside the country of Columbia.

Throughout Pablo Escobar’s smuggling and cocaine deal, he accumulated billions of dollars. By the early 90s, his net worth was estimated to be around $30billion. Also, if the monies which are allegedly buried in some part of the country is being included, Pablo Escobar’s net worth will cross a sum of $100billion.

Pablo Escobar was listed as the 9th wealthiest person on earth in 1989 by Forbes. He was rich. And most of his wealth was accumulated through his cocaine smuggling and trafficking.

His wealth gave him the chance to acquire a multimillion lifestyle; more than 400 luxury mansions, private aircraft, a private zoo, and a lot of expensive cars.

The drug lord also had his own army and well-skilled criminals. Aside from his criminal activities, Pablo Escobar also used part of his wealth to sponsor charity projects and soccer clubs.

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Pablo Escobar’s Wife

Pablo Escobar’s wife was called Maria Victoria. They married in March 1976 and had two children.

Pablo Escobar’s Age

Pablo Escobar died at the age of 44 years. He died on 2nd December, 1993 after he was shot dead when his hiding place was invaded.

Who Shot Pablo Escobar

The police officer who shot Pablo Escobar is still unknown.

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