How Did Ukrainian Film Star Pasha Lee Die?

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Pasha Lee was a Ukrainian movie star who died in March 2022 while fighting for his country on the frontline during Russia’s invasion.

Pasha Lee who was 33 at the time of his death had voluntarily joined the military to help fight Russia’s invasion but he met his untimely death during a Russian shelling in Irpin.

Lee was born in Yevpatoria, Crimea, in 1988 to a Korean father and Ukrainian mother.

How Did Pasha Lee Die?

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Pasha Lee put aside his acting career and tv show to join Ukraine’s territorial defense unit and decision many praised him for being brave. During a Russian military shelling in Irpin, he was killed. His death saddened the country and left many of his fans devastated but is seen as a hero for showing such bravery and risking his life to help save his country.

Pasha Lee was a Ukrainian actor who joined the country’s military to help fight Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but was unfortunately killed.

His death was confirmed by fellow Ukrainian actress, Anastasia  Kasilova who worked with him on the crime TV show,  “Provincial”. She posted the sad news on Facebook saying;

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“He is an actor, TV presenter, my colleague and a good acquaintance,” Kasilova wrote about Lee. “Never forgive!”

Pasha Lee Net Worth

There’s not much information available on Pasha Lee’s net worth but he earned a good amount of money for each movie that he featured him. It’s estimated that, Pasha could have been worth some $500,000 before his unfortunate death.

Was Pashe Lee Married? Did He Have Any Children?

Many have wondered whether the late Ukranian star was married but the actor was not married. There’s no record of him having a wife anywhere at the time of his death. He was dedicated to his work.

It’s also unclear whether he had any children.

Pasha Lee Movies

Pasha Lee featured in some movies and tv shows with the most recent being a 2021 TV drama Provincial.

He is known to have been featured in other movies like

  • Meeting of Classmates (2019, comedy)
  • The Fight Rules (2017, Sports action film)
  • Selfie Party (2016, Comedy)

Zvychayna Sprava (2012)

Pasha Lee was also a host on the DOM channel. He’s known to have done dubbing work in films like The Lion King and The Hobbit, according to Sergiy Tomilenko on Facebook.

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