How I fell in love with a prostitute- Man shares his predicament 

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A Nigerian man has fallen in love with an ashawo against all odds and his situation has compounded him to seek counselling on an online platform. 

Giving details on how he crossed paths with the prostitute on Nairaland, the gentleman said he had an encounter with her during the yuletide in 2020 when he and a couple of friends went to a bar to have fun.

To put readers in suspense, he segmented the story and said he’ll soon share the concluding part next time.

Here’s his account;

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“It all starter as a chill out with friends early december last year, we went to two bars before we finally end up in one club like that at lugbe (Abuja)..i was just sipping my bullet energy drink when i spotted this fine chick with coke bottle body sitting alone,,”i lost concentration immediately and the only thing in my head is how to dismantle her mondulla oblancanta” OMG B-) I approach her seat with full courage and i was like,bae you beautiful..she looked at me and smile,my mind come sweat me gan say atleast she response to my style of scop,then i process telling her how my ancestors to my father have meet girls in a chill out place and ending up marrying them,i was just serious telling her stories when she just burst with laugh,i was smilling when she just told me that “she aint gat no time” that if i mean business we should go to her room,my heart fainted imediately seeing such beauty as a prostitute…..;-(;-( to be cont…..”


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