How I got so high smoking weed that I run into the street naked- Fat Joe shares funny story

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Fat Joe has admitted that when he first started using marijuana he became so high that he ran down the street naked.

Fat Joe visited the school as a guest speaker for the speaker series on Tuesday (September 20) to commemorate the beginning of the Roc Nation School of Music Sports & Entertainment. He shared an insightful tale about the first time he sparked up at the request of his friend.

“So I’m in my apartment I’m still in The Bronx, and she convinces me to get high,” Fat Joe recalls. “She goes, ‘Yo lets smoke this weed, it’s incredible…so I smoke. I got so paranoid I ran out the house butt naked, real talk.

In the middle of the night. I ran out of there, they call that a bad trip or something right? I ran out of there and the girl, she pulls up in my car. I have the white Lexus and she’s like ‘Joe, Joe, get in the car.’ I was already Fat Joe too…I was like, ‘I’m gonna die! I gotta go to the hospital! I’m gonna die.”

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He continued: “So she convinced me to get in the car and said she was gonna take me to the hospital and she takes me around the block and we go in the crib and I take like seven showers. I never want you guys to see Fat Joe running naked down the street!”

Joe’s story was a PSA of sorts, explaining that if he were out here smoking weed all the time, he wouldn’t be able to make the difficult decisions required in his line of work.

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“If Fat Joe was high he’d be broke,” he said, before concluding that either way he plans to sell the plant once it’s legal in New York City.

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