How I Managed To Sleep With 2 Guys In One Day

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“Ohh that’s my old time friend. He talks too much… Why do people even constantly call when you don’t pick up. It’s annoying” (Watch me pretend). Now I was worried. It was 3pm but now more than ever I couldn’t act suspicious. “Call him and tell him you are with your bf”

“Nooo, he’s not important, forget it.” I felt so bad, not because I lied. Howh?.. I knew how bad bae 2 wanted to see me and I knew he would be worried sick now. Besides I planned to be with him not my bf. I was figuring out a way to leave.

I felt soft kisses around my neck.

I remembered he had to leave town. I begun talking about it, trying to be the ‘caring gf’. I just needed him to GO! “Babe, let me help you pack your stuff” “ No, after the second round” “But…

The Second round? It was like a punishment! He made me raise my legs and place them on his shoulders. With that position, even a little effort goes deep. He directed his dick in and the first hit, I felt that in my abdomen. He pounded me so hard, he hit. I didn’t moan, i screamed

I enjoyed it too.. Ta Ta Ta, his balls kept hitting me..

It was 5:50. He received a call, work people as usual. I was a little relieved tho bit i was going to miss my love.? We took a shower, together, skin to skin, with the soap water dripping on us as we kissed. He was hard again but fuuuuckk, this time i loved how wet and hard the dick was.

I forgot about the pounding. I needed dick, but slowly this time, of course. I held onto the wall as he entered from behind, it was slippery and wet but i loved it. He held my boobs firmly and serviced me. We heard his phone ring and we knew he really had to get ready now

We went to our favorite restaurant after, had dinner. I didn’t even waste time on the food, I WAS HUNGRY AND WEAK! Geeez! I requested for an Uber, he made sure it arrived before he left. He kissed my cheek, opened the door and watched me leave.

I called Osbert when I was almost at his place, nice strategy. “ I’m at your junction “ “ Ive left to church” No one spoke. I broke the silence “I’m coming there” “But why did you leave when you knew ild come” in a soft a guilty girl to play victim

At this point, I knew I wouldn’t have sex. I was excited. Now I was glad he was in church. My battery was dying. By the time I got to his church, it was Off. I got down from the car and noticed how short my dress was. Ei how can I enter someone’s church like this. Look at me??

Ha! I walked fast. I knew where he usually sat, he worked on the sound so he was mostly at the side. I got there and their eyes moved towards me, they kept turning. Enter? Me? I moved to the other side of the door.

Hid and tried to call him. He saw me and came out. He was mad but still happy to see me.

“You look good” “Lets go and talk in the car” He moved right behind me and pressed my ass.??‍♀️ “B, in church? Really” He held me tightly from the back.. Mmm something hard touched me.. It’s such a nice feeling when the dick presses against your body

We got to the car and he blaaasted me and complained about how worried he was and how he spent all day waiting for me.. i mended my mistake with a kiss as i grabbed his dick hard. His shorts weren’t too tight so mmmmmhhh, i felt it!

“My mum asked me to go and pick something up. I told you. I was thinking it would take about 30mins. The woman really kept me waiting. I was really pissed. I’m really stressed, basically I wasted my day. “B, it’s fine. Just let it go.” “Okaayy.. I’m still sorry”

“I miss you” “We are in church, respect yourself” “God isn’t watching, come here” He asked me to close my eyes. He stretched, pushed my dress beneath my boob. I opened my eyes, it was firm and my nipple, so hard. Sosket, I’m doing thisss! P.s I love when he sucks my boobs!

He held on to it, passed his tongue around my nipple and into his mouth it went.. Sssshhhh this boy this boy!!!! I felt this! He didn’t stop. He grabbed the other one and put them together, he smiled and started sucking again. Kaishh!

“They’ld close soon. I don’t want them to see me here. Let’s go home” Where i had gotten to, there was nothing like ‘waiting till i get home’. He was hard too, his light skinned cock stirring at me. Whoooshh! I rubbed it and kissed him

I took my dress up, positioned him well and mounted on him after wearing a CD for him. I slowly went dooown pretending like I hadn’t had sex for 5yrs. “Ouchh” He held onto my ass as I went up and down moving my waist. He likes passionate sex but he made me go fast

This was rough! His eyes were closed. I rotated my pelvic girdle in a rhythmic pattern. “Laaako I love you” *Hey hey, Relax over there* “Don’t stop” “I’m cummin’. Ughh” he looked relieved as he filled the CD with cum. I got him tissue and cleaned him. “I can’t get enough of you” “ I care about much” “You really made me leave church, i was working?” He kissed me. He moved the front seat forward and kissed me again, passionately. He held me so tight. That electrifying feeling again

I put my knees on the seat while he pressed my boobs from behind. Before I could say jack “ mmmm uh” his dick made it’s way through. He hit slowly. The pace changed. My boobs kept moving back and forth, so fast as he went deeper. “Harder” “haarder” Anyone around would have known. The car bounced as he pounded.

“Uuuhhh” “Fuck! They are done” He hurriedly moved to the front seat with his shorts down. We weren’t even done. I wasn’t satisfied ?. He moved the car out of the compound. I moved in front and sat on that dick. I don’t give up like that.. nooo

I held onto the wheel and bounced on that hard dick. “Fuck, you’re sweet” i raced up and down his dick till he moaned loudly and pushed me up. The way my head didn’t hit the windscreen ? “Sorry, I was cummin’”

I moved to the passenger seat and watched him clean himself and pull his shorts up. “Let me get my stuff from inside” He made his way towards the church. My phone rang “Babe, where are you? “*acting sleepy* “I’m home o. I even dozed off. I’m so sorry, I forgot. I was so tired.” “Ild call you tomorrow, i love you babe. Be safe” “I love you too Lako”

Credit:Lak’s Space

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