How I Saved My Sister- In-Law From My Ev!l Brother Who Gave Her 5 Cedis Daily Chop Money – Lady Reveals

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A Lady has opened up to about how the death of Gospel musician Osinachi gave her the zeal to save her sister In law from an abusive marriage.

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Growing up, I had three siblings. We were 6 together with my parents. We were three girls and two boys. I always saw how our youngest brother who was the last born manipulated my parents into doing his bidding.

He has this innocent look that easily fools people into believing whatever he tells them. I still remember how he made my mother believe I had sneaked out to meet a boy in the neighbourhood when I refused to share my chicken with him. The beatings I received that day earhh made me hate my brother for some time.

But as we grew up and moved out to start life, everything was fine until our last born announced he wanted to get married.

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He was only 26 years old and our other brother was 31 but yet to get married to his fiancee. I was against it because I knew how immature my brother was and how manipulative and insensitive he can be.

I told my parents he wasn’t ready for marriage until he changed his attitude. But as expected my parents took his side and said he had a stable job, an apartment and his family so he was ready for marriage.

Fast forward to 2019 he got married to this beautiful lady. I liked her because she was so down to earth and funny as well. We hit it off and she even made me her maid of honor. She was an only child so I gladly obliged.

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Two months into the marriage, I noticed Cynthia was not her usual bubbly and funny self. I asked if all was well, but she refused to say anything. She blamed it on marriage pressure and her new role as a wife. But my gut told me my silly brother had done something. I kept my observations to myself until one day I visited them unannounced because I wanted Cynthia’s ideas on some clothes I wanted to wear to my 8-year-old daughter’s Parent-Teacher meeting. ( She is a fashionista while I on the other hand barely knew what shoes to match with what clothes).

What I saw made me open my mouth wide. Cynthia was kneeling with hands raised like a child being punished while my brother was holding a cane over her. Her crime was that she brought warm water to him instead of chilled water in a bottle. I was so furious that I rushed over and kicked my brother and shouted on him. While we exchanged words, Cynthia refused to get up out of fear. I later left the house and went to report the matter to my husband who went with me to see my parents.

Instead of them calling my brother to order, they blamed Cynthia for provoking him. I was more disappointed in my mother because I expected her to talk some sense in him as a woman seeing another woman in pain.

Well, that matter went unsettled when a business opportunity made me travel with my Family to Canada. We stayed there till 2021 when we decided to come to Ghana for the Christmas Holidays. I tried to stay in touch with Cynthia but she kept leaving me on blue tick and refused to pick my calls.

When I came back with my family to Ghana, Cynthia was the first person I decided to go and see. I wept when I saw her. The beautiful light-skinned girl I met in 2019 had become a dark, skinny sick looking woman looking older than her age. She was only 28 years old.

She faked a smile and the joy on her face made me know she was happy to see me. I took her out and spoke with her extensively about leaving my brother. He had turned her into a punching bag and starved her. He stopped her from working and gave her an allowance of 5 cedis a day. He also brought in numerous girls to the house.

All this while, Cynthia refused to open up to anyone even her poor parents because she was afraid and had no money or house to go. She got pregnant four times but Matthew beat her till she had a miscarriage.

Before leaving, I gave her some money and told her to hide it. I advised her to start recording what her husband did to her so that we could use it as evidence during the divorce proceedings.

All this while, my brother acted as if all was well. Fast forward, Cynthia heard about Osinachi’s death and how her husband killed her. That was when she finally gathered the courage to leave my useless, evil brother.

Together with some lawyers and the evidences she gathered, we were able to put my brother behind bars for 20 years for physical, emotional, verbal and all the abuses you can think of.

The court also made him pay damages of 500k cedis to her.
As we speak now, Cynthia is in Canada with me and using the money to start her life over again. As for my parents, they are mad at me for siding with Cynthia instead of my wicked brother but I don’t care. I won’t sit down and watch while they kill someone’s only child. She has sorted out her parents and they are happy that their daughter is happy and alive.




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