How it started vrs how it’s going: Young man shares photos of how marriage has ‘humbled’ him

Probably sending us a subtle reminder of how marriage has ‘humbled’ him, a man from Kenya identified as Derek has stirred mixed reactions on Twitter after sharing photos of his incredible body transformation before and after marriage.

The photos which came in a collage depicted when the young man was muscular and had 6 packs plus his present status showing his flabby stomach.

He actually shared the post to further the popular social media trend dubbed ‘how it started vs how it’s going.’

He and his wife, who was then his girlfriend posed in the same positions while he remains shirtless.

A Twitter user opined that he was better when he had six packs but the father of one responded by saying that regardless of his appearance, there is joy and happiness in his life now.

@ZaxxCouture wrote; How it started is better than how it is

@hisnameDerek replied; There’s a lot in how it is, there’s happiness, joy and ❤️. We can’t be in the gym all day when baby ain’t no milk and food… the groceries etc

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