How Many Children Does Lee Kim Yew Have?

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Lee is a Malaysian businessman, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who was born on August 19, 1955. He was among the first to enter the field of property development with the idea of country life. He was the founder and chairman of Country Heights Holdings Berhad. He launched a number of projects under Country Heights Holdings Berhad, including the Palace of the Golden Horses, The Mines, and GHHS Healthcare. At 68 years old at the moment, how many are Lee Kim Yew children?

In this article, in addition to highlighting his achievements, we will delve a lot into his family life.

His children must be proud of him for he has lived his life very well as a businessman, but how many are his children?

Who is Lee Kim Yew?

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Before we get to know how many Lee Kim Yew children are, let’s get to know who he is and why people think his children should be proud of him.

He was born in Johor, Malaysia.

Not a lot is known about his childhood life and interests, but his career as an entrepreneur has been well documented.

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Lee began his career in real estate development in 1985. He has worked in North Borneo, Mauritius, Johannesburg, and London, among other places.

A couple of his first projects include transforming an open-cast mining site into the Mines Wellness City and converting an abandoned rubber estate into homes with beautiful landscaping.

The Borneo Highlands Resort and the Hornbill Golf & Jungle Club in Sarawak, which received the 2008 CNBC Award for Best Golf Development Malaysia, are some of the other projects he has worked on.

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These are projects that Lee Kim Yew children should look back and feel proud of how hard their father has worked over the years.

Country Heights Holdings Berhad, founded by Lee, with others including, Golden Horses Health Sanctuary Healthcare, and Golden Horse Digital Investment Bank, is an investment holding company that specializes in real estate development and construction, real estate investments and management, hotels, and golf resorts.

It is listed on the Main Market of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.

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Country Heights also offers event management, marketing, health screening, educational, computer, leisure, and other services.

The Mines Resort and Golf Club, Country Heights Damansara, Country Heights Kajang, Borneo Highlands, Palace of the Golden Horses, Excel Exhibition Centre (London), and Pecanwood Golf and Country Club (South Africa) are among the projects under the Country Heights banner.

To add to his success as an entrepreneur, he is also a philanthropist.

Bantu-Bantu Malaysia is a non-profit social welfare effort that Lee started during Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO) in March 2020.

The campaign provided food baskets, masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other necessities to low- and middle-income people.

Bantu-Bantu Malaysia delivered more than 30,000 food baskets and other essentials.

Additionally, medical employees and front-line workers in commercial and public hospitals as well as NGOs in many states, including Kuala Lumpur, Sabah, and Kelantan, have benefited from donations made by Bantu-Bantu Malaysia of masks, surgical gowns, ventilators, PPEs, surgical masks, and N95 grade masks.

Additionally, food was given to the Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan, the JAWI Food Bank, the Social Welfare Department, Army Veterans, and other NGOs.

He has many businesses to his name, but how many are Lee Kim Yew children?

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Lee Kim Yew Children

Lee Kim Yew daughter Datin Dian Lee
Lee Kim Yew’s daughter, Datin Dian Lee

There are not many Lee Kim Yew children to report about as the Malaysian entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist is reported to have only one child, a daughter named Datin Dian Lee.

His wife is Puan Sri Tan Bee Hong.

Recently joining the Malaysian United Democratic Party (Muda), Lee Kim Yew’s daughter, Datin Dian Lee stated she wants to be recognized as a unique individual with her own interests and skills.


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