How many times has Kamala Harris had COVID-19? Close Contacts, Effects on Presidency and Vaccination

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Vice President, Kamala Harris is now the highest-ranking official in the Biden administration to have succumbed and tested positive for COVID-19. This was reported on Monday however her office said she has not experienced any symptoms yet.

Kamala Harris was in California since last week and hasn’t spoken to President Biden or any of the White House staff and returned to Washington on Monday.

In a statement released by her spokesperson, Kristen Allen she said Kamala Harris, “will isolate and continue to work from the Vice President’s residence.” “When she tests negative, the Vice President will return to the White House.”

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How many times has Kamala Harris tested positive for Covid?

This is the first time vice president, Kamala Harris has tested positive according to records.

kamala harris covid
Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris close contacts

Those who came in contact with the vice president tested positive and despite this Harris managed to avoid contacting got months. Her husband, the Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff was diagnosed with coronavirus in March and her communication director Jamal Simmons also announced positive earlier this month.

Kamala Harris COVID-19 effects on Presidency

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With the fact that Kamala Harris is the first in a line of presidential succession to Joe Biden her positive test will affect governing and the second in line, House of Speaker Nancy Pelosi has also announced a positive test earlier this month.

Has Kamala Harris been vaccinated?

The vice president, Kamala Harris has had two vaccinations and boosters hence her chance of becoming seriously ill is reduced. Looking at the age of Former President, Donald Trump, 75, and the lack of available vaccines he was at higher risk when he was hospitalized with COVID-19 in October 2020.


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