“How Much Do You Get Paid To Be Inhumane?” Tacha Bares Teeth At Cyberbullies And Trolls

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BBNaija 2019 contestant, Tacha is apparently one of the celebrities who is fed up with the incessant trolls they get from cyberbullies who throw anything at them on the internet.

It leaves her wondering if they get paid in any way to be that inhumane to other people on the internet who just try work hard to make ends meet.

Tacha said this in the wake of a lot of these people sending their good wishes and condolences to the family of a Nigerian guy that lost his life (reportedly took his own life) as a result of depression.

She admonished these cyberbullies to be kind with their words as she says depression is real.

Tacha poured out her frustration on Twitter.

“Can’t believe cyberbullies and Trolls are typing RIP DELE.

But It won’t even take till tomorrow morning and your clown asses will be in comment sections wishing people you don’t like death!!

Be kind with your words!!! Depression is REAL

We went through a tough 2020! It’s alarming how lessons weren’t learnt..

You turn to real life Devils to prove how much you hate, you lose your sense of reasoning, you lose your conscience! All for a SHOW?!

Tell me, How much do you get paid to be this inhuman??

I’ll double it

You go around wishing death on people, people struggling through life, People bottling themselves up!

People only trying to survive, people who just wants a better life for themselves! all for a SHOW!

A show you don’t make coins from!


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