How Much Is Taylor Sheridan’s Net Worth? Know More About The Refined Actor

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Taylor Sheridan is a Producer, Film Director, and Actor. He is referred to as the “father of modern Westerns” for resurrecting one of America’s inherent genres of cinema.

Early Life & Bio

Taylor Sheridan is born on May 21, 1970, in Cranfills Gap, an hour west of Waco, Texas. He grew up in an impoverished part of West Texas, with very few modern resources to support his childhood.

His early life was marred by family troubles. Speaking in an interview, Sheridan said, “Where I grew up, my salvation was in the solitude.”

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The ranch was young Taylor’s lifeline of sorts.

What Happened To Sheridan At Age 11?

At age 11, Sheridan was bedridden due to a wicked case of pneumonia that constricted his outdoorsy life to the confines of his home.

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By the time Sheridan turned 12, he had started making rounds of the town in the ranch pick-up. He started herding cattle when he was 14, facing extremely harsh summers, freezing winters, and relentless rains in the fall.

Sheridan’s Educational Background

Sheridan’s parents parted ways soon after his high-school graduation, in 1991. His mother got the ownership of the ranch but could not maintain it for long, owing to some unhealthy investments and bad loans, thus snatching away Sheridan’s only anchor.

With nothing holding him back in Cranfills Gap, Sheridan moved to San Marcos and enrolled at ‘Texas State University, majoring in theater. Sheridan sarcastically revealed that he was a “miserable student” and he only decided to study theater because it “sounded like fun” to him.

Sheridan’s mates from high school would often carry guns in the back of their trucks to go out hunting, a usual extracurricular activity for high-school boys in those areas.

Who Is Sheridan’s Wife?

Even though Sheridan and Nicole Muirbrook got married in 2013, some doubt remains due to the timeline provided by Sheridan in his interviews. He has reportedly alluded to Nicole as his wife as early as 2010–2011, also admitting to the fact that the couple was expecting a baby at the time.

Family & Relatives Of Sheridan

Sheridan has a journalist brother named John Gibler, who stays in Mexico and writes about the socio-political struggles of Mexican people and the impact of exploitation by drug cartels rampant in that area. Gibler has authored two books, namely, ‘Mexico Unconquered: Chronicles of Power and Revolt’ and ‘To Die in Mexico: Dispatches from Inside the Drug War.’

Photo Of Taylor Sheridan and Wife, Nicole Muirbrook

Taylor Sheridan’s Acting Career

During his university days, Sheridan had to take up odd jobs, such as mowing lawns and working as a handyman. In one such instance, when he was wandering about in an Austin mall, looking for a job, a talent scout approached him with an opportunity to work as a model.

Knowing that he wasn’t a model and wasn’t fit for such a role, Sheridan suggested to him to arrange for an acting job.

The talent scout got Sheridan an audition and a plane ticket for the trip. However, Sheridan encashed the ticket at the counter and drove to Chicago.

He got the ‘Montgomery Ward’ commercial. Following this, he dropped out of college and moved to New York, where he stayed for a year before moving to Los Angeles.

Sheridan has written several films, including the screenplay for Sicario (2015), for which he was nominated for the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Original Screenplay.

He was nominated for the Academy Award For Best Original Screenplay for Hell or High Water (2016), which was nominated for four Oscars, including Best Picture.

Sheridan also wrote and directed the 2017 crime film Wind River and wrote the 2018 sequel to Sicario. He is a co-creator of the Paramount Network television series Yellowstone and creator of its prequel 1883.

In 2021, he co-created the crime miniseries Mayor of Kingstien. He is currently in talks to bring into production the crime series Kansas City, which he co-created with Terence Winter.

In 2021, Sheridan was inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.

His signature style of simple plots driven by complex characters keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. When he was asked how he developed his style of writing, Sheridan’s answer was as simple as his plots.

How Much Is Taylor Sheridan’s Net Worth?

Taylor Sheridan is estimated to have a net worth between $8 Million and $10 Million.

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