‘How my husband asked me to sleep with my boss so my salary would be increased from ₵720 to ₵2,200’ – Lady shares dilemma

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A confused lady is soliciting sound counsel from netizens over a very difficult situation her husband has put her into. 

The lady disclosed that her boss has been making sexual advances towards her and this time, he promised to increase her salary from N50,000 (₵720) to N150,000 (₵2,200) if she agrees.

As faithful and loyal as she is, she flagged down the unhealthy move from the man and confided in her husband about the situation but to her utter shock, her husband gave her the green light to go ahead and get laid.

He contended that when her salary is increased, it will go a long way to sustain their domestic needs.

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Confused on what should dictate her next line of action, the lady took the matter to the court of opinions on social media for help.

“My boss in the office is making sexual advances on me. This is not the first time tho but I keep avoiding him. So last week he came up with this system again that he wants to f*ck me and increase my salary from 50k to 150k but I should not let any of the staff know…”


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