How my mistress forces me every night to suck her b00bs and p.rivate part– Young housemaid shares sad story

A young housemaid has shared her ordeal at the hands of her lust-filled female employer in a recent interaction with Sahara Reporters.

The girl identified simply as Chidimma who works as a maid in Warri, Delta State alleged that her madam beats her practically every night because she won’t lick and suck her breasts and private parts.

Chidinma revealed in a videotape that lasted 2 minutes, and 38 seconds that she could no longer bear the harassment and wanted to go back to her parents who live in Imo State.

Chidinma who spoke in pidgin English said;

“My aunty came to our village and told my parents that she wanted someone who would be taking care of her children because she is not always at home. I agreed to follow her but sometime after we came to Warri, when I wanted to sleep in the night, she would come and wake me up and ask me to suck her private parts and her breasts and if I refused to lick them, she would slap me.

Sometimes if I refused to do it when I was sleeping, she would come to me and march on me with her two legs and ask me to stand up.

She would then force me to suck her private parts and I would climb on her to suck her breasts which have chicken pox.

When I finished sucking, she would ask me to bring my torch and insert it in my private parts. But when I could not do it, she forcefully pushed me out, shouting at me and asking why I could not do what she wanted me to do at my age. I was worried that at my age, this woman wanted to deflower me.

My mother never taught me anything like that. For three months now, whenever I am sleeping in the middle of the night, she would wake me up and force me to do that and when she notices that her children are looking at us, she would shift her body away from me. I am 10 years old but she has made me look as if I am 13 years old.”

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