How Old Is Bill Walton Now: Check His Age

How Old Is Bill Walton

From 1974 to 1988, he was one of the NBA’s most dominant players. Upon his retirement from playing, he took up another career in sports broadcasting. But how old is Bill Walton now?

In this article, we are going to delve into the small matter of Bill Walton’s age.

In addition to getting to know how old Bill Walton is, we will also get to know much about him including his career, and how things went for him after years.

You will also get to know about his early life and everything else that needs to be known about the former NBA player.

How old is Bill Walton and who is he?

We will find out as this article wears on.

How Old Is Bill Walton: Biography

Bill Walton height

The former NBA player who is now a sportscaster was born and raised in La Mesa, California.

her parents were William Theodore “Ted” Walton and Gloria Anne.

Ted, Walton’s father, was a social worker and music instructor, and Gloria, his mother, was a librarian.

His parents were passionate about music, politics, literature, and the arts.

Walton took music lessons and, despite his parents’ disinterest in athletics, he emulated his older brother Bruce, who had a preference for sports.

Bruce and Bill played trombone or baritone, Andy played saxophone, and Cathy played the flute in the informal family band that Mr. Walton started when the Walton kids were in junior high and high school.

How old is Bill Walton today?

We shall get to find out but where did he attend school? How did his career go?

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Education and Career

Walton and his brother Bruce both participated in high school basketball at Helix High School in La Mesa. This was where Walton had his high school education.

It was here he honed his skills as a basketball player.

In 1967, the NBA expansion San Diego Rockets arrived in the area when Walton was still a high school student.

Since the Rockets lacked a dedicated practice space, they frequently played pickup games at Helix High School.

The Rocket players discovered that they could call the teenage Walton, who had his own gym key, to get entry to the Helix gym.

All these happened when he was still a young man, but how old is Bill Walton now? What is his age?

We shall find out as that is not the most difficult thing to do.

It is his exploits that have made people want to know such little details about him, so it is not out of place that we highlight his exploits as, without them, he probably would not have been spoken about anywhere.

Professional Career

How Old Is Bill Walton

In an effort to entice Walton away from UCLA, the Dallas Chaparrals of the American Basketball Association selected him in the second round of the ABA draft in 1973.

Coach Wooden brought Walton to ABA agents in the locker room following the 1973 championship game in an effort to persuade Walton to go pro.

After selecting Walton in the ABA draft of 1974, the San Diego Conquistadors of the ABA made an attempt to convince him to sign with them. As an added incentive, San Diego also hired Wilt Chamberlain as a player-coach.

Walton was unmoved.

Portland Trail Blazers of the NBA selected Walton with the first overall pick in the 1974 NBA Draft. Walton joined the Trail Blazers by signing.

Walton’s first two Portland seasons were ruined by persistent foot ailments.

Walton also suffered a severe ankle sprain, two left wrist breaks, two finger dislocations, two toe fractures, and leg injuries in a jeep accident during his first two years.

After several years as a player, he turned to sports broadcasting as a career when he stopped playing.

Today, he is a sportscaster, so how old is Bill Walton now?

Let’s find out.

How Old Is Bill Walton?

How old is Bill Walton? Born on November 5, 1952, the former National Basketball Association player is in the seventh decade of his life. He is currently 70.

Bill was born in La Mesa, California, U.S.

His seventy years on earth have not been dull and they have been laced with several accomplishments that culminated in him being one of the most popular former National Basketball Association players in America.

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