How Old Is Hasbulla Magomedov And Why Is He Called Mini Khabib?

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Hasbulla Magomedov is a social media influencer and blogger who has amassed approximately 2 million followers on Instagram with his pranks, spoof videos, and shenanigans.

Hasbulla Magomedov Early Life

He was born in 2003 in Dagestan, Russia.

Almost everybody for the first time might mistake Hasbulla Magomedov for a five-year-old due to his small nature and height.

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Although Hasbulla Magomedov is an adult, he has the characteristics of a child. Based on his height, face and voice.

Hasbulla is about 3 feet 3 inches tall, which gives him the appearance of a young boy but don’t go by his impish charm, he is the latest social media sensation.

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There’s no public information about his life, educational background, parents, siblings, and family. When he opens up about them, we will update this article briefly.

How Old Is Hasbulla Magomedov?

Hasbulla is 19 years old as of 2022.

Why Is Hasbulla Magomedov So Famous?

A search for ‘Hasbulla videos’ shows him playing with a monkey, living it up in the Burj Khalifa, punching mixed martial arts athletes twice his size and then running for his life, sitting atop Khabib’s shoulders with aplomb, and not to forget, kicking the shins of his arch-nemesis — Abdu Rozik.

What’s The Cause of Hasbulla’s Shortness?

Hasbulla was reported to be short because he suffers from a rare genetic condition called Growth Hormone deficiency- a disorder that occurs when the pituitary gland in the brain does not produce enough growth hormone — which has led to his stunted growth and high-pitched voice.

Dr. Karan Raj who revealed the details stated that if undiagnosed and untreated in childhood Growth Hormone deficiency can be irreversible.

However, treatment during childhood ensures that the patient develops normally during puberty.

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Did you know Lionel Messi was diagnosed with Growth Hormone deficiency?

Yes, he was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency when he was ten years old, and the treatment was something his family couldn’t afford.

Barcelona Football Club paid for his treatment and his family moved from Argentina to Spain leading to him bossing the Spanish and European football scene for years.

Despite being just 3ft 4 inches in height, Hasbulla’s notoriety sprung partially due to his larger-than-life personality. He has started posting his life to Instagram and TikTok during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hasbulla Magomedov
Photo Of 3 Feet 3 Inches Tall Hasbulla Magomedov

His viral TikTok and Instagram videos often feature him training and faux sparring with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters, famously with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champion and fellow Dagestani Khabib Nurmagomedov. He has played pranks on famous Turkish chef and social media influencer Burak Özdemir and called out Youtuber Logan Paul for a fight for his NFT.

His early posts showed his hot-headed temperament and developed into insights into his martial arts training, such as boxing and wrestling as well as his luxurious life.

His popularity reached a high in May 2021. Hasbulla has shown off his extreme charisma and trash-talking skills during his pre-fight conference with a popular 18-year-old Tajikistan singer Abdu Rozik, even calling out the likes of the former UFC champion Connor McGregor.

Is Hasbulla Magomedov Married?

We can’t tell if Hasbulla Magomedov is married or in a relationship, but we believe he is not in any for now, because he’s just 19.

How Much Is Hasbulla Magomedov Worth?

Hasbulla MagomedovI speculated to have a net worth of over $100,000.

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