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So the hate between Ghana’s dancehall artistes ain’t over yet. The two dancehall artistes have been at each other’s troat for a very long time, and fans for both artistes have always defended them both on social media and the streets. One event that really settled the issue of which artiste is the best, was Guinness’s big eruption concert, which everyone gave the credit to Samini that he  was the realist  dance hall artiste. We saw Shatta accepting the defeat although he did not say it publicly but taking to Social Media saying, he had just been dismissed from the hospital that day but yet He performed for his fans, and we also saw how Shatta got angry with the media especially warning Graphic Showbiz never to publish anything about him, well, we all know that, although some fans did agree that Samini won the night that day, others were just tooo Shattta Movemenlistic.

When the announcement came that the two artistes were going to perform at the “Loud in Gh” everybody couldn’t wait for the moment to come, so we could judge the realest artiste. When the moment came for Shatta Wale to perform, he just did not want to leave the stage, after been signaled several times, he still never left the stage, and his fans were all dancing and singing in tune with him. He knew Samini was the next artiste to perform after him, and he was not ready to leave the stage for him after performing 30 songs, it was like he wanted to make up for his flaws at the Guinness big Eruption Concert or he was rather tooo scared Samini would overthrow him again like the other time. The organisers were compelled to turn off the P.A and even that, he did not leave the stage, his SM Fans, wouldn’t stop singing as well, then finally he left the stage at around 3:45am,  and most of the people present thought, the show was over and started leaving the stadium, infact, as at the time Samini was introduced, most people had left, but some cam running, when they heard his name outside, unfortunately, not everyone came back, you know after going all the way out. Although, Shatta’s behaviour  made most people left, he still delivered a great performance just like always.


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