How sports betting brought me to extreme poverty – Rich Ghanaian man from the U.S. shares his story

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A guy who fled Ghana for the United States has shared his story of how sports betting brought him to extreme poverty bringing him to nothing.

In an anonymous message to Abena Manokekame, a well-known Ghanaian social media influencer, the guy stated that he was hooked on betting and used to spend so much money on it that the staking firm wrote him an e-mail telling him to cut back.

According to him, he spent roughly $16,000 per month on betting, to the point that the betting firm emailed him to tell him to take a break.

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The man in the anonymous letter said that he previously worked as a truck driver in the United States of America and earned quite a lot of money but his addiction to sports betting brought him to complete poverty.

“I live in the states and work as a truck driver for Walmart and earn good money, I ended up broke because I could bet as much as $16,000 in a month,”

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I was into this for a couple of years. It was so addictive, that it almost ruined my life. I gambled so much that the bet company (bet365) sent me an email to let me know I was overdoing it.

“I finally underwent therapy and I’ve overcome my addiction. I haven’t gambled since 12th November 2021 and my life has been much better since I stopped. I’m gradually building my life again and I feel truly happy now,” he said.

See his post below;

Source: GhBase

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