How To Apologize To Your Boyfriend Over Text

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How to apologize to your boyfriend over text when you have messed up and aren’t able to talk to him in his presence because he is so furious is an art that you have to learn.

When he is so furious and angry with you and you don’t find a better way of apologizing to him, you risk losing him. The wrong text message will push him further away from you which is why you should learn how to apologize to your boyfriend over text.

Admitting that you were wrong with what you had done, will not cause any problems, but what most girls often find difficult to do is to say sorry as they want to protect their ego.

But if you really want to protect the relationship, you have to make this a habit and the same thing goes for asking for forgiveness when you are clearly at fault. It won’t kill you to ask for forgiveness after going wrong.

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You can’t just expect him to come back to you feeling all good and act as nothing happened a few days later!

You have to work for it; you have to show him how much he means to you and that you truly want him back into your life.

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You are finding it difficult to do because you apparently do not know what to do.

In that instant, any wrong word said to him will further strain the relationship and erase any considerations to forgive you from his mind.

But after reading this article, you are going to learn a lot of workable techniques on how to apologize to your boyfriend over text without putting the relationship at risk of collapse.

How to apologize to your boyfriend over text in a sweet way

how to apologize to your boyfriend over text
how to apologize to your boyfriend over text
  1. I am terribly sorry that I let all of this anger and frustration out, and vented it onto you. It was a terrible thing to do and I sincerely apologize for everything. Please forgive me. I love you
  2. Doubting you have been the worst out of the things I’ve done in the past, and for you to be so mad at me, then I can admit that they are many. Yet, I want to believe that there is still the act of forgiveness engraved into your heart. Please accept my apology. I love you.
  3. There is one thing I want more right now than to make this right. It’s the smile I get to see on your face when you come home to me. Please forgive me. I love you.
  4. Whatever it takes to feel your embrace the way I did so many times before is what I will do if you’ll forgive me. Sorry
  5. If there was a report for a flood around my area it’s ok, it was just me crying. Because that is the only thing I’ve been doing after all of this. I have cried till I had no more tears to shed. Because I love you, and I want you to forgive me.
  6. Our love story is not over yet. Let’s start our next chapter with an apology from me. Sorry, I said what I said.
  7. In your arms again is where I want to be. Please accept my apology and make it happen because I love you.
  8. I have never felt so empty in a house full of memories. I truly cannot function without you. So please, forgive me. I love you.
  9. Ever since we started dating, we’ve encountered plenty of setbacks and difficulties. Yet, we didn’t let any of it affect our relationship. So why let this little problem ruin it all? Please forgive me for what I’ve done. I love you.
  10. Our paths are so intertwined that is practically impossible to separate them now. So I beg of you, please forgive me, and let’s start our relationship over. I love you.

Learning how to apologize to your boyfriend over text is so important and if you didn’t know the right ways to do it, you have them now.

Do well not to provoke him so often ut when you do, there is no shame in saying sorry.



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