How to Get Started With Soccer Betting?

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Football is a game that brings together communities, but what do you do if you want to make money off it by betting?

If you are looking to get started with soccer betting, there is nothing like knowing more about the sport. You can then go on Betway here at and bet on your favorite football matches live. Football, after all, is a mind’s game as much as it is about skills, and reading the top books on the game can help you know about it. Then, know about the rules of betting on Betway, and you’re good to go!

5 Must Buy Books for Football Fans

Football books included in the Soccer Superstars series are a sensation because of one reason; they’re biographies. 

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Barring biographies by players, there’s a whole world of football-related books that will blow your mind. Discussed below are some of the best books in the market for every football fanatic.


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Author: Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski

If you’re familiar with Steven Levitt’s bestseller ‘Freakonomics’, then you’ll find this book fascinating. Mainly emphasizing on European soccer and figures associated with it, Soccernomics answers the frequently asked questions. 

No, it is not based on the interpretation of the authors but on solid facts and figures they painstakingly collected. Using analogies from statistics, economics, psychology, and even business, Kuper and Szymanski tell you how the game really works. 



Author: Graham Poll

The book exposes many surprising (and shocking) insights of the football field from a referee’s point of view. Graham Poll, the man in black, begins the book with the very controversial match in 2006, where he issued three yellow cards to a player accidentally. 

Seeing Red throws light on the dreadful journey of referee’s, in the sincere words of the most high-profile referee football has witnessed to date.



Author: David Peace

In 1974, Brian Clough made perhaps an unconventional decision when he accepted the position of the Leeds United Manager. 

The Damned Utd takes you through Ol’ Big ‘Ead’s 44-day journey as the Leeds manager. The immensely appreciated novel, which was turned into a film by Michael Sheen, tells you everything about the downfall of the 70’s football’s most controversial manager. 



Author: Jonathan Wilson

This widely acclaimed novel by author Jonathan Wilson takes you on a journey of the evolution of the world’s most interesting game, football. 

Inverting the Pyramid tells you how the current tactical masters of football, Barcelona adopted a style of play from the Dutch. Learn all about the history of football, how everything from geography to culture affected the formation of the game we love wholeheartedly today.  




Author: Nick Hornby

The lifelong obsession of a football fan put into words by a diehard fan, Nick Hornby himself. The award-winning novel captures the emotions; excitement, agony, and insanity of football fans.

An autobiography of Nick Hornby, based on the actual events and his obsession for his home team, Arsenal Football Club. He describes the life of many football lovers in a comic, yet devoted way in his memoir. 


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