How To Register Ghana Passport Online 2022

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A passport is a very important document, without which you cannot travel outside your country if you so desire and have secured the opportunity to travel out.

In this day and era where technology is at its peak, getting a passport is a lot easier, unless you aren’t tech-savvy; even that, there are relatives who could help you out. To make things a lot easier for you in getting a passport, we put this article together, showing you how to register passport online 2022.

Here, we have very easy to follow steps on how to register passport online 2022, so that rather than having to go to the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you could just sit at home and do it yourself and go pick up the document later when it gets processed.

How To Register Passport Online 2022

 How To Register Passport Online 2022
How To Register Passport Online 2022

With the online passport application, the applicant is often required to submit their information on the website provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for that purpose.

The individual, after filling in all their details, then books a date for the document to be looked into known as vetting.

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This is done at any of the passport application centres and one could choose a place convenient to them for this purpose.

After the vetting process, and with your biometrics completed, one then waits to pick up their passport.

How earlier or later you get your passport is dependent on the type of application. Some want it in weeks, others, months.

It’s all dependent on you and your financial capacity as each type comes with a certain charge.

How To Register Passport Online 2022 (Steps involved)

 How To Register Passport Online 2022
How To Register Passport Online 2022


With the online passport application, everything is done by you yourself over the internet on the website provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ghana.

So, what steps are there on how to register passport online 2022?

It is a new year and not much has changed with regards to the steps involved in getting a passport online.

Step 1 (How To Register Passport Online 2022)

Step one requires you to visit the website

On the website, you click on New User as a first-time applicant for a passport online.

Step 2

After clicking on New User on the website, a page is opened for you where you are expected to enter your full name, telephone number and Email address, and password for an account of your own on the website which you can always use to log in to the website at any point in time.

Step 3

After successfully creating your account, you are now required to log in, using either the number you used or the Email and then enter the password you submitted in order to start the application process.

Step 4

When you have successfully logged in to the website, you will see your dashboard with your name. Locate Start New Application on your dashboard and start entering your data.

Note that you wouldn’t be able to enter your information right away until you pay the fees required.

Several methods exist for you to buy a voucher and then have the portal opened for you to start entering your information.

The platforms that receive the payment get displayed on your screen for you to choose the one that you would like to use for the payment to get access to the portal to start the application process online for your passport.

After making payment, you receive a pin via SMS which contains the voucher you need to fully access the portal.

When you enter the voucher pin, you get to fill in your information on the portal.

At the closing stages of your application, and when all the information suffices what the Ministry requires of you, your information is then received and would be processed.

After successfully submitting your application, you then book an appointment for your biometric information to be captured at any of the physical registration centres provided by the ministry across the country.

All there is to do now after the appointment has been booked is to wait for the date you booked your appointment in order to go for vetting.

A date is then set for you to pick up your passport.

What you need to apply for a passport in Ghana

  • One passport size photo.
  • Proof of Ghanaian citizenship (originals only)
  • Documents to support Identity (originals only) such as School Certificate, Driver’s Licence, Employment/Student / Other I.D. Cards.
  • Previous Ghanaian passport issued to you.
  • Processing fee.

Costs involved in getting a passport in Ghana

1 Expedited Application 48 Pages GHS 200.00
2 Expedited Application 32 Pages GHS 150.00
3 Standard Application 32 Pages GHS 100.00
4 Standard Application 48 Pages GHS 150.00

These are the steps on how to register passport online 2022.

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