How To Reverse eWallet Payment In 2022

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You probably made a wrong transaction and you are looking for ways on how to reverse ewallet payment. In this post, we will look at some of the possible ways to reverse a wrong transaction. Before we go into details on how to reverse a wrong transaction, let us look at what to expect during such an operation.

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How Long Does It Take To Reverse eWallet Payment?

eWallet reversal should take at least 4 working days. However, it will take about 13 to 15 days for the money to be returned to the sender.

How Much Does It Cost To Reverse eWallet?

Reversing an eWallet will cost R50. Therefore customers are advised to always check the recipient number before making payments.

How To Reverse eWallet Payment?

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There are two ways of reversing an eWallet payment.

  1. The very first option is to call FNB Reversal on 087 575 9405
  2.  The next option which you can on your own is dial *120*321#, then choose 4 (Send Money). Then choose option 5 (eWallet Reversal). Here, there are lists of transactions you can choose to reverse.


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